Shiv Shakti (Zee) 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Sinister Plans Unveiled

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Koyal approaches Mandira in the presence of Padma and reveals that she has switched sides. She overheard Koyal telling Dadi to hurry and arrange Shiv and Shakti’s wedding. Mandira is taken aback and asks why Koyal would betray her after all the help she has given. Padma chuckles and questions what help Mandira is talking about. Which Mandira reminds Padma that she is living in this house because of her. Padma disagrees, stating that she owes everything to Shiv and Shakti alone. She accuses Mandira of blaming her for everything, but when Padma agrees to play along, Mandira does nothing to support her. Instead, she allowed Dadi to slap and humiliate Padma without standing up for her. Therefore, Padma sees no reason to continue standing by Mandira’s side.

I have come to my senses, and I will do what is suitable for Shiv and Shakti is suitable for him. I have done everything you asked me to do so far, but I will make sure Shiv marries Shakti now. Mandira asks, “Don’t you think you will be silent?” Padma says if you stop me, I will expose you. Don’t you remember what the priest said? She leaves from there. Mandira is furious and says Shiv cannot marry Shakti; I will take care of this Padma. The Haldi ceremony tomorrow will bring everything to a close.

Shakti reaches out to Shiv over the phone, expressing her concerns about Ranjan’s lack of social media presence and how they can incriminate him. In response, Shiv asks if Shakti trusts him. She replies by stating that she trusts no one but Shiv. With a reassuring smile, he suggests she sleep without worrying. As they end their conversation, Shakti fondly reminisces about their shared moments together. However, her thoughts are interrupted by Rimjhim’s unexpected presence. Rimjhim questions Shakti about her feelings for Dr. Shiv, and she quickly denies any such emotions. Rimjhim playfully remarks that if Shakti does indeed have feelings for him, she should embrace them as not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone like Shiv in their life. Overcome with emotion, Shakti embraces Rimjhim and feels sorry for her situation.

Rimjhim advises Shakti against one-sided love due to the immense pain it can cause. Based on her experience with Keertan, she believes that fate has something better in store for Shakti, particularly in the form of Dr. Shiv. She observes love in both Shiv and Shakti’s eyes and encourages Shakti to make her feelings known to him. However, Shakti denies having any romantic interest in Shiv, and Rimjhim reminds her of their relative age difference before suggesting that she should still take a chance and confess her love to him. This brings up a memory for Shakti of Mohan questioning Shiv’s feelings towards her, which caused him to become angry. Knowing this, she doubts that he will reciprocate her feelings if she were to confess them. Rimjhim then spots a shooting star and urges Shakti to make a wish for their union while praying for it to happen. In contrast, Shakti’s prayer is focused on exposing Ranjan and preventing their marriage from happening.

Nandu comes to Mandira and says Shiv asked me to promise not to tell anyone, but I think he’s losing his memory. He says he isn’t taking his medicines on time, so you have to give him the medication from now on. She swaps the medicine, and he thinks I’ll ensure he takes them on time, then leaves. When Keertan and Koyal arrive, Keertan asks how you can prevent Shiv and Shakti from getting closer.

My medicines will make Shiv do a drama tomorrow, Shakti will leave him seeing his condition, and then everyone will blame me for giving him them. By doing so, I will also punish Padma. Keertan says your plans have often failed, so what if this doesn’t work? Mandira looks at a package and says I have another plan. Shiv’s mehndi will be completed by Nandu tomorrow.

Shiv and his family arrive at the mehndi ceremony in the morning. Manorama is choosing a design. Chacha asks why Dadi didn’t come. Raghunath says she is at a friend’s house and will come later. Mandira holds a gift and says it is for Rimjhim. She thinks the gift is only for Shiv. When she sees Shakti come there, she says this gift will separate Shiv and Shakti. She looks around and wonders where Nandu is.

All of them sit down, and Dharam serves them juice. Seeing Koyal glare at him, he is afraid of her. She takes the juice and grins. He runs away. She says I like people who are scared of me. He calls her back to ask why he runs away seeing her. Doesn’t he like me? He says no, no. I like. Koyal smirked and said I shouldn’t wait in line for mehndi, so get me a place. He says,… she glares at him and says, I wouldn’t say I like hearing no, so go ahead and do so. He says sure and runs away.

Shiv tells Manorama that I didn’t come alone; otherwise, you wouldn’t smile at me. Manorama is about to hit him, but Shakti stands in front of her and asks him to stop. She asks, “Are you here?” Shiv says yes, he promised you. Manorama tells him to shut up. Chacha calls her, so she leaves. Shakti holds Shiv’s hand as she says, “Come with me.” Raghunath smiles at them.

As Manorama selects the design that Shiv chose for her, Shiv says, “I told you this was the best design.” Manorama is about to hit Shiv, but Shakti pulls him away. Mandira searches for Nandu. Padma watches her.

Shakti asks Shiv why he keeps bothering Manorama. He says she’s Mogambo, but I won’t stay silent. Shiv says our focus should be on Ranjan. Do you remember anything? He says no. Shakti asks him how we can stop the marriage now. What if he ends up marrying Rimjhim? Shiv says that won’t happen; we’re together, so we’ll only expose Ranjan tonight. Mandira hides and hears all that.

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