Shiv Shakti (Zee) 1st October 2023 Written Episode: Shiv’s Mysterious Disappearance Leaves Shakti Worried

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 1st October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The juice is given to Shiv by Manorama, and she tells him to drink it and not threaten people. Shiv says only one person deserves it, and he does not deserve to be your son-in-law. Manorama says you cannot change. Shiv asks why you have become so sweet to me. Manorama says to take this juice. He says how can I refuse you? He takes it. Ranjan hides and waits for him to drink it.

He says he’s also looking around for Shiv. Shakti asks Nandu if he’s seen Shiv. As Shakti looks for him, she bumps into Mandira. She asks if she saw Shiv. Shiv is about to drink the juice when Ranjan goes to the electrical board and pours water on it. The lights go out in the house. As Shiv is about to drink the juice, Mandira says people come to you to ask for Shiv these days, so don’t ask me. She leaves angrily leaves. Ranjan hints to his goons to take Shiv away. Shiv is about to drink.

Shiv is looking around for him. Ranjan sees Shiv drinking the juice and getting dizzy. He falls, so Ranjan sends his goons. They don’t see his face and roll up his body on a carpet. They take him there. Shakti bumps into them and looks at the carpet. Ranjan panics seeing her. Shakti says my dupatta got stuck in the carpet. The man frees it. Shakti asks what’s this? He said it was a carpet, so they had to remove it. After that, both of them left.

In the absence of electricity, Koyal complains about heat. Raghunath tells Manorama that everything is fine and tells her to calm down. Manorama asks Chacha to find out what the problem is. Ranjan’s mother says it’s the poor arrangement. Manorama thinks she’ll find a solution. When Manorama gets outside, she sees the men taking the carpet out. When she asks them to put the rug down and go with her, they leave it there.

Shakti is worried about Shiv. Manorama comes to her and drags her away. She says we have more significant problems. Are you still looking for Shiv? Shakti believes Ranjan did something with the electricity to harm Shiv. The woman says he fears him and even requests I give Shiv juice. Shakti thinks he might have mixed something in it. After seeing the carpet thrown on the ground, Shakti becomes confused. She says I must look for Shiv first, so she leaves.

She hides and wonders if Ranjan is doing something. I don’t care; I’ve got to follow my plan. Nandu asks what plan? She says the Mehndi plan. He asks if she saw Shiv. I couldn’t give him medicine, and he might get sick. He goes searching for him. Mandira says I had to protect my son before hurting Shiv and Shakti. Ranjan and his men arrive at the carpet. They drag him away.

Mandira comes to Keertan, who is cutting onions. She asks him to stop and where the box is. He says it’s here only. Mandira turns around, but the box is gone.

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