Pandya Store 15th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update: Suman’s Condition Improves, Natasha Faces a Dilemma

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 15th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Natasha in tears, talking to Suman. Chiku arrives and comforts a crying Natasha. Suddenly, the machine beeps, prompting them to rush to call the doctor. After the nurse checks on Suman, Natasha can only pray for her well-being. Meanwhile, Dhawal is feeling down, and Hetal attempts to cheer him up by offering him food. However, Dhawal refuses, stating he has no appetite. This worries everyone, especially Chiku, who reassures Natasha that the doctor is here and everything will be okay. In the midst of this tension, Dhawal receives a call from his friend informing him about the doctor’s arrival. Immediately, Dhawal heads out while Amba tells Hetal not to make Gobi aloo as she is craving cheese burst pizza instead.

Dhawal requests Hetal to prepare a tiffin for Natasha and her family. Amrish observes this exchange. However, Hetal informs them she cannot make the tiffin that day. Amrish reassures her that nothing will go wrong in their household without hesitation. Natasha is their daughter-in-law, and Amba suggests that she will send the food instead. Dhawal expresses his gratitude and proceeds to leave for the hospital. Amrish questions the need to send food and medicines when arranging for a doctor. Nevertheless, Amba reminds him of the importance of their four sons and how even Dhawal went against his wish to fight for Natasha’s sake. She recalls a day when an unknown family sacrificed their lives to save Amrish’s father, leaving behind a widowed mother and orphaned children. Despite being unable

to find this family, Amba has learned the value of helping those in need.

As you find suitable, Amrish says. Amba smiles and says, okay, Hetal, take Pranali and Dolly along; take the food to the hospital. Hetal nods. Amrish leaves. Amba says Amrish is a diamond, no one understands him, I will say, no one has a son like him, make me pizza. Hetal agrees. His Bhabhis arrive. Natasha sees Dhawal. Hetal makes pizza.

Hetal inquires about Suman’s well-being, and Natasha assures her that she is improving. Hetal then interrupts Pranali, urging her to eat as she understands they must all be hungry. Amrish reveals that he had intervened on Dahi Handi day when Chiku was planning to set fire to Pandya store. Bhaven suggests letting it burn, but Amrish disagrees, as it could have resulted in a bigger problem. He is confused about why Chiku suddenly changed his mind about harming Suman and the store. Chirag speculates that greed may have motivated him to want to take over the Pandya store.

Having food is essential, Hetal says because Dhawal told me you get unwell when you don’t eat. Doctor says congrats, Suman became conscious and is out of danger now. Natasha thanks the doctor. Amrish replies that if he is selfish, I will find out the truth by meeting him. Bhaven says no, he misbehaved with you. I won’t leave him alive. Chirag says we won’t leave him alive. Amrish smiles and says yes, I am your elder brother, I can handle Chiku.

Shesh and Natasha hug Suman. Chiku looks on and smiles. Chirag says yes. Amrish says no. Chirag says yes. Dhawal and everyone arrive. Suman sees Chiku and says he’s also here. Has he hurt my store? I’ll break his bones. Natasha believes she could have a heart attack if I tell her he’s our Chiku. Shesh says the store is fine.

The doctor says she needs rest to go outside now. Hetal says you’re in my prayers. Natasha says take rest. Then Suman recalls Natasha and asks about the fight. Natasha says it’s okay and asks Dhawal. The doctor says I’ll give you a diet chart. Dhawal nods. Suman unites their hands. Natasha says we’ll be fine. Suman says fine, go now, and I need some rest. She sends them and thinks.


Amrish gives the cheque to Chiku and says you are the store owner, so think about it. Suman asks Natasha about Dhawal’s cheating. She makes her swear.

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