Pandya Store 18th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

At the start of the episode, Shiva attempts to console Dhara; however, his efforts are in vain. She angrily orders him to depart and threatens that she herself will move to her brother’s place if he does not heed her demand. Shiva finally acquiesces and goes away. Meanwhile, Gautam and Shiva become light-headed; Gautam opines he feels like being drunk while Shiva claims somebody has made him intoxicated. Soon, Shweta brings Krish into a hotel room, prompting him to criticise Prerna for initiating this plan. Then, as Shweta is removing his blazer, she affirms their relationship will receive official approval; whereupon she wins Krish over with a kiss and seals the deal.

Prerna looks for Krish. She wonders what happened. She thinks of Shiva and Gautam. She goes to Rishita. She worries. Shweta and Krish are sleeping. Prerna sees Prerna’s call. Prerna shouts Krish. Shweta says bye Prerna. Prerna looks for Shweta. A girl says Shweta was going to a hotel with him. She leaves for the hotel. The kids are sad. Dhara cries and goes to Chiku. She calms him. He says I’m not your son.

Rishita approaches Natasha, and in frustration, Natasha throws the clothes, expressing her dislike for Shweta who gave her the clothes. Rishita is concerned. Dhara tells you a story about Krishna-Yashoda, Ganesh-Parvati, their mothers didn’t give them birth, but their relationship is an example; you are my Krishna and Ganesha. Rishita gets surprised when Natasha asks if she’d like to feed me medicines.

Chiku sleeps. Rishita says you sleep in my room from now on, come. Natasha agrees, and Rishita takes her. Dhara sees Chiku and cries.

He shouts and pushes Shweta away. She says I love you. Krish is shocked to see Shweta. He shouts and pushes her away. He wears his clothes. He scolds her. Shweta asks what’s the shame of sleeping with the husband, congrats, our relationship now has a name. He says you think you will sleep with me and make me yours, but you won’t be able to.

In a fit of rage, he starts throwing things at her. She defends herself, explaining that she wasn’t conscious, and it wasn’t love on her part; he forced her into the situation. She firmly proclaims her love for Prerna, stating that he is not even worthy of being compared to the dust on Prerna’s feet. She boldly declares that he can never separate them and challenges him to do whatever he pleases.

Refusing to back down, she decides to record their conversation. He threatens her, declaring that she will be punished. He shouts, “You forced me, you raped me, and I’ll divorce you regardless of the cost.” She scolds him in response to his accusation.

He takes her phone. He says you think you will become my wife by forcing me, you are not deserving, you could not be loyal to your child, shame on your life, you got rotten, I pity your death. It is hard for you to live your life without Prerna. He says he has a proof, you cannot. They fight for the phone. He falls out the window. She gets shocked.


I won’t leave the Pandya house, Shweta says. Dhara challenges her. She says I will marry Krish to Prerna.


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