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Cheeku, Manmeet, and Meet are riding in a car together. During the journey, Manmeet brings up the unfortunate incident where the law failed to protect Cheeku from the minister’s actions. In response, she suggests considering legal assistance to address the issue. They all discuss how the minister is not immune to the law.

As the conversation becomes more intense, Cheeku playfully covers his ears to avoid the serious discussion. However, amidst the lively banter, Cheeku expresses his love and happiness by hugging and kissing both Manmeet and Meet. In that moment, Manmeet realizes that there is no other way they would want to keep Cheeku than by their side, supporting and protecting him.
To avoid being tracked, Meet asks Manmeet where they can stay for two days where Shagun won’t find them. Manmeet suggests they seek help from Guruji, their wrestling coach.

Given that Cheeku has been legally adopted by Shagun, Gunwanti inquires with Jasodha about their current communication and living arrangements. Shagun updates Sarkar, informing them that Meet and Manmeet have eloped with Cheeku. In response, Jasodha advises Gunwanti not to be concerned about the situation and encourages Sarkar to find out the whereabouts of Meet and Manmeet.

During their journey, Meeku and Manmeet encounter a police patrol. This unexpected encounter distresses Cheeku, who breaks down in tears, expressing his resistance to going back to Shagun. Despite being questioned, Jasodha claims to have no knowledge of their whereabouts and insists that even if she did know, she wouldn’t reveal it. Furthermore, Jasodha intervenes and prevents Sarkar from resorting to violence against her.

In her stern warning to Sarkar, Jasodha emphasizes that he should never repeat his harmful actions, as women possess both the strength to endure and the courage to fight back. She firmly believes that the women in their village have the potential to stand up against oppressive behaviors from their husbands and raise their voices for justice. Jasodha highlights that the world is evolving, and the progressive ideas introduced by Meet will undoubtedly bring about positive changes in Sarkarpur as well.

Meet comforts Cheeku and tells him not to be afraid, reminding him that he is Sumeet’s older brother and older siblings shouldn’t be afraid. Jasodha prays for Meet and Cheeku.

Manmeet’s car is discovered abandoned, and the police promptly inform Sarkar about the situation. Just as Sarkar is being informed, Shagun arrives at the scene accompanied by the police, desperately inquiring about the whereabouts of Meet and Cheeku. Hoshiyar steps in and questions Shagun’s actions, reminding her that Cheeku is Meet’s son, suggesting that she should take into consideration the family bond and emotions involved.

Having called Shagun foolish for trying to separate a mother from her child, Masoom advises Hoshiyar not to engage with her. The police request a search of the house. Hoshiyar permits it and assures them they will not find Meet or Cheeku. Shagun remains determined and refuses to give up until she finds Meet.

In a truck, Meet, Manmeet, and Cheeku escape the police. Seeing that Cheeku is hungry, they spot a roadside eatery and order food. The shopkeeper gives them leftover rice and lentils. As they eat together, Meet feeds both Cheeku and Manmeet. As Sarkar and Mahendra arrive with their henchmen, the shop owner smiles.

The shop owner tries to help Meet, Manmeet, and Cheeku, who quickly hide in the kitchen. Sarkar insists that Meet is there. Manmeet comes out and threatens to harm himself if Sarkar attempts to harm Meet and Cheeku. Sarkar holds a gun while Manmeet holds a knife to his own neck.

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