Meet 1st February 2023 Written Update

Meet tells everyone not to worry about Shagun, he will handle her. Manmeet asks to Meet what he whispered to Bhati. Manmeet says I asked her not to be strict with her. Babita asks Manmeet to change clothes. Manmeet says I have to come back later to take my wife, and next time I want her to look nice with a smile on her face.

Manmeet thinks I know something you are hiding from me, but first I need to free Shagun from the police or else she might tell them everything. Mahendra is informed about the situation by Manmeet. Angered, Mahendra slaps his wife in front of everyone and asks, “Can’t you control your sister?”. Jasodha asks him, “What did Shagun do?”.

She apologizes to Mahendra for her sister’s mistake of going to Meet’s house and being taken to the police by Inspector Bhati. It is Sarkar’s palace and she shouldn’t leave it without asking anyone. Jasodha says if she told anything to SP, our game plan will be ruined. Mahendra pushes her away. Bhati says tell me what you were doing in Ahlawat’s mansion. Shagun says he went there to see Haldi ceremony, now tell me if this is a crime.

Bhati says don’t you think this is strange, you are a family member of Sarkar’s and you went to Ahlawat’s mansion to see the ceremony. Narendra comes in with a lawyer and says we also don’t believe that you brought a woman to the police station of Sarkar’s family. Ahlawat’s filed a complaint against her and they are big people too, says Bhati, but Nahandra says no one is bigger than Sarkar in Sarkarpur, so take a minute to think about which side you are on.

SR gives Narendra bail papers. Inspector asks him to sign and accidentally drops ink on Narandra’s dress; he wipes it off and installs a spy camera on his locket. Narendra pushes his hand away, signs the papers, and leaves. Bhati tells Meet that I have installed a spy camera in his locket as you asked. Meet thanks him and says we will now find out what Sarkar has planned inside his palace.

On his laptop, Bhati is watching a video. Manmeet pushed Shagun in front of everyone inside the house. Manmeet asked what you were doing there and asked who asked you to walk inside Ahlawat mansion. He thought I’d be pleased to see you there.

Meet looks at mehendi. Ishani applies the mehendi of Manmeet’s name on her hand. Babita sits beside Meet and says God has already written his name on you. Because of you, Meet will be thinking a lot about the situation and if anything goes wrong and I don’t get married to Meet, I’ll cut you into small pieces and bury you beneath Sarkar Palace.

Meeting says no kids are angry with their parents, and you always think about me first. Babita looks at Raj and says why are you crying. Raj says I’m happy our Meet is getting married again, but I’m sad because he will leave us tomorrow and now who will ask me for tea late at night?

Seeing Shagun fall, Manmeet apologises to her for her mistake. Manmeet tells her to repeat everything after him, talking, thinking, and using her brain is the work of men, while being quiet and listening to men is the work of women. She is scared and crying, and Manmeet says if she tries anything else, he will kill her and throw her in Jasodha’s leg.

Meet walks to Raj. Raj tells Babita how important Meet is to us and how we cannot live without her. Meet gets emotional saying your place in my heart will not change after marriage, so stop crying because I also feel the same and my photos won’t look and nobody will weep for me tomorrow.

Raj gives her blessings and says I’ll try not to cry tomorrow. Meet says okay I’ll cancel the marriage. Babita says I dare you, you’ll get married tomorrow to Manmeet. Everyone embraces each other as they say when you’re happy with Manmeet, your happiness will double. As Jasodha says to Manmeet, you warned her about her mistakes, but she crossed the threshold of Sarkar’s palace and I will punish you for that. I will annul Manmeet and Shagun’s wedding.

Her sister apologizes to everyone for her mistake and begs. In the last 30 years, Sarkar gets up and says, “This is the first time a girl has damaged my reputation, and I have planned revenge. However, you are ruining my plan, and I scold Jasodha for Shagun’s actions.”

In fear, Jasodha tells Sarkar he will bring someone else to handle the responsibility if he cannot handle it. My son is trying to complete your oath and take revenge, but your daughter-in-law’s are ruining everything, so ask her to control them.

Bhati calls Meet and tells him Narendra is in Sarkar Palace; I’ll share a link with you so you can see the footage. Narendra walks inside Sarkar Palace. Meet looks at the footage on her phone and says it seems blurry.

Sarkar asks everyone to make arrangements for the ceremony.

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