Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

She says you won’t do mischief, have food, Rishita feeds the food to Shesh. Mittu says we will also have food with everyone. Raavi says no. He says I’m having a lot of fun. Shesh says I want to have food with them. She scolds him. Dev sees the news of the tiger entering Somnath. Shesh says I want to go see it. Rishita says you won’t go outside.

Raavi sees the news and asks Mittu not to go outside, the tiger is roaming outside. He gets scared. Everyone sees the news. Dhara asks Krish not to go outside, the tiger is roaming outside. He says we will be safe in the hotel.

Dhara asks him to come to his room. Suman says they aren’t married, so how can they stay together? Dhara says Prerna will sleep in my room. Krish gets Prerna’s mom’s call. He goes to talk. Dhara says Suman has to talk to you. Krish says we’re fine, we just need a few more days. Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon. Prerna says sorry, it’s my first time meeting you all, but I know about you all.

I ask Suman how badly he told me about it. Krish’s heart is innocent like a kid, but he’s stupid, he gets upset, then gets convinced, he doesn’t hate you, he’s much upset, I know he’ll agree, Prerna says no, he praised you, and you love your bahus, then something happened. The woman is told to talk to Prerna by Dhara. Suman says she thinks she knows him better than I do.

You do a miracle that everyone sits together and eats the food you make, you make tasty food. Suman wants you to become my bahu. This is next to impossible for Prerna. Suman says this is the problem with foreign girls, Aparna goes out. Dhara says, Prerna… Suman says Prerna, go to the hotel. Prerna says no, I will do my best.

Suman says yes, but you have to do something. She pulls out a bucket of water. She asks him to bless her. After seeing his things, Krish cries. He recalls Shweta. He lies down to sleep. He cries thinking of Dhara ousting him. Gautam drinks, and Shiva joins him. Shiva asks will you make me drink alcohol. Gautam says even he doesn’t understand. Shiva throws the alcohol. Dhara calls the police and complains about Gautam.

Shiva jokes that the phone doesn’t have any balance, so he was faking the call. Gautam gets emotional. He goes and hugs Shiva. He falls. Shiva holds him. Shweta calls someone and asks for payment. Prerna watches the recipe videos and starts cooking. She says she does not understand what she is doing. He says he will try. She smiles.

The kids talk about the tiger. Prerna calls them. Natasha and Shweta come to the shoot. Shweta says Natasha is ill. They shoot. Shweta says they have replaced Natasha. You all wanted to see a tiger, so Prerna showed you tiger costumes. She said if you wear the tiger dress, you will become the tiger.

When she says, Chiku will be first, then Shesh and Mittu. Shesh says I’ll tell mummy. She says no, it’s our secret game. They agree. Dhara watches.


Prerna says you all want food in the room, fine, I’ll show you my Canada video. Shesh locks them inside the room. They hear a tiger roar and panic.

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