Pandya Store 31st January 2023 Written Episode Update

After Raavi, Rishita, and Dev see everyone dancing, they join in. Raavi asks Mittu to come. Mittu says no, he likes it here. Gautam hugs him. Krish and Prerna return home. They see everyone dancing. Dhara thinks I can unite my family with the kids’ help. Suman wakes up. She hears the music. She goes out to see.

Shesh says Dadi didn’t become Chudail. Chiku asks him to look closer. She says Shesh has done this, wait, I’ll become a ghost and show you. Shesh and Mittu get scared and hide. Suman scares them and laughs. Dhara says don’t forget you are sick. Suman comes in with the paint on her face. Shesh gets scared. Everyone sees Suman. Shesh and Mittu get scared and hide.

Dev asks Shesh what the matter is. Shesh says you were in my team, yes. Suman says he knows Shesh did this mischief. Suman says you come in my team. Chiku says I did this. Dhara stops him. She says Suman will scold Chiku. She says she’s good, she became a ghost on her own and gave me credit. Suman says your mum becomes a ghost in anger. They laugh. Shesh says no, Chiku said you become a ghost in anger. Everyone laughs.

As for Suman, he says I will become anything for you. Chiku says he is getting love from Prerna instead of me. Dhara says be quiet. Krish says Prerna brought me here. Suman says that you have become your wife’s puppet. Suman says yes, you will like it, your husband is president of his wife’s puppet club. Dhara asks Suman to attend the dinner. Suman agrees.

It is impossible for me to help in this condition. Dhara asks Rishita and Raavi to come to see one. Suman says you would have made Chappan bhog and boiled food for me. Rishita says don’t serve food for us, we will have it. Raavi says our food is in the room. Shiva says we won’t sit in the room to eat, we will have it here.

Raavi asks Shiva to calm down. He scolds her. He says he will have food with his brothers. He asks Dev, Krish, and Gautam to join him. Shiva asks Gautam why he is becoming Somnath Baba and Dhara says if we get Prerna on our team, we will get Krish. Suman agrees, but Krish has gone too far from me.

As he asks Krish to stop using the phone, Gautam leaves sadly. Dev says he must apply for a new job. Raavi takes Mittu. Shiva invites them to eat with him. When Dhara gets sad, Shiva asks why everyone went inside. Dhara says forget it, come, I’ll serve the hot food. She asks Krish and Prerna to sit. She goes to get Gautam.

Dhara comes and asks Gautam to come and have food. Gautam asks with whom, with my brothers or alone. He laughs. He says they will eat in their rooms. He refuses to come. She gets angry. She takes him. Krish says Shiva doesn’t remember anything, we will go to the hotel. Suman says Prerna won’t leave.

Dhara says I have no words to say to you, I can fight the world alone, but I break down in front of your rudeness. Krish weeps. Then Shiva asks Gautam and Krish to come and eat. Gautam says everyone was shattered after living together. He says I’ll eat with everyone, otherwise, I won’t. Shiva says I just had snacks. They all ask him did he eat the snacks. Gautam says Dhara lied to me, she said everyone is waiting for me.

Shiva says I just had the snacks. Dhara and Krish say we didn’t see. She says I didn’t make it. Shiva asks did you make it. She says no. He says you know I like it a lot. For the food, for whatever my brother likes, for all that, Gautam asks why are you bothering my brother? Shiva asks when did Gautam start drinking.

She thinks this family is shattering, what should be done to make it like before? Gautam says you handle me now. Shiva says I will handle it, come and eat. Gautam refuses and goes. Dhara asks Krish if he wants food. Krish says no and leaves.


The family hears the news that Prerna asked the kids to become tigers.

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