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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update on

According to Rishita and Dev, their romance does not end, Shiva and Raavi are different. Dev says they are symbols of true love. She says she is happy. We brothers are like these fingers, we shouldn’t get separated, we become stronger when we are united, you are also my family, he says he is tired, I can’t choose between you and family.

We will stay as a family, Shesh and Natasha will have a good upbringing, I’m very happy, and Natasha’s real security lies with the family. Ishq ki dhun…plays… They romance. He says yes. She says rooms must be spacious, separate bathrooms as well. He asks why don’t we make a small kitchen. She says no, the kitchen will be the same, I want a separate laundry room, Shiva’s room stinks. He laughs and jokes.

In Dhara’s opinion, Shweta and Chiku might arrive at the wrong address, because the phone is not connecting. Gautam says don’t worry, we’ll go to Chiku and Shweta will call you. Shiva says don’t worry, Chiku is grown up, he’ll handle it. Dhara says Shivank and Arushi are free to harm Chiku.

Shivank and Arushi are at a tea stall. She advises against confronting the Pandyas, and suggests they leave discreetly. Krish reassures Dhara, reminding her that they missed Hardik’s wedding. Rishita adds that it was fortunate they weren’t in attendance. As Dhara gets up, she trips and everyone rushes to help her. She assures them that her children will be fine as long as she has her slipper on. Shiva offers his slipper to Dhara, even if it means he’ll have to walk barefoot himself. She gratefully wears it and smiles. They make their way to the bank manager’s office, but while approaching his desk, Dhara slips and knocks over a glass of water.

Rishita jokes. Gautam and Dhara apologize. Gautam introduces his family. He says his loan application has been approved, so we are here. Manager asks them to sit. He tells them their loan has been approved, they need to complete the paperwork, then your cheque will be sent. They sign the papers. Yaadon Ki Baraat….plays…. Gautam says now no one can stop dad from fulfilling his dream… Shiva says Dev will sign the papers.

In the meantime, the manager asks everyone to wait outside. Shweta and Chiku arrive at the resort and don’t see anyone. She says we’re running late. Dhara says Shweta’s phone cannot be reached. Gautam assures her not to worry. Shweta calls Chiku. She doesn’t know where Dhara is, so we’ll find out. Shiva says he’ll get sweets. Krish calls Dev and says we got the loan, so go get sweets.

They see a man in trouble. He says my partner cheated me and ran away with the money, give me some time more. Dhara says don’t know who cheated him. Gautam says he’ll talk to the bank manager about it. She says no, talk to them in his absence, otherwise he’ll feel insulted, I’m feeling strange, take me to the kids soon. Suman takes care of the kids. Manager gives Gautam the cheque and sanction letter. They all smile and hug happily.


The grown-up Natasha manages the Pandya store. Suman sees her grandson playing a mobile game. She smiles.

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