Shiv Shakti (Zee) 10th August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti informs the inspector that there are witnesses present, summoning members of society to demonstrate their support. The inspector inquires about their presence, inciting a response from the public against the police. Amidst the commotion, Mandira worries for Shiv’s well-being and attempts to administer medication, only to be rejected by him. She urges him to take it, citing his need for it. Shakti tries to approach Shiv but is prevented by Ragunath. The inspector orders them to vacate the premises, but Shakti declares that they have been inspired by Shiv to speak out against injustice. Though they weren’t there for her, they won’t allow any mistreatment of Dr. Shiv.

Keertan is also present, and Shakti makes it known that everyone can see Shiv’s condition, yet he is being held in the cell. The minister discreetly advises the inspector not to release Shiv under any circumstances. Shakti then reminds the inspector about the numerous eyewitnesses who saw how a group of thugs were behaving towards both him and Shiv, and how Shiv came to his rescue. The entire community of Banaras stands as testimony to Shiv’s character, so there should be no reason to keep him imprisoned any longer. In unison, the crowd calls for Shiv’s freedom.

The inspector orders them to cease their disruptive behavior, warning that he will confine them in a cell if they do not comply. He then turns to the officer, instructing him to apprehend the girl who interrupted their proceedings. Upon seeing this commotion, Manorama arrives with Dharam and demands that it stop. Mandira is left wondering what is happening. Manorama boldly informs the inspector that she will not stand for any mistreatment of Shakti, as she comes from a respected priest family. She reminds the inspector that his duty is to arrest the real troublemakers, instead of abusing his authority by unjustly imprisoning an innocent doctor. Mandira administers medication to Shiv and he begins to calm down. In a final plea, Manorama implores the inspector to consider Shiv’s influential family background before taking any further action against her.

Ragunath inquires about the woman’s identity and Keertan responds that she is Shakti’s aunt. Despite Manorama’s attempts to stop him, the inspector persists in accusing Shiv of a crime. She repeatedly argues with him, but he urges her to cease speaking. Inquisitively, Manorama questions why Shiv was taken into custody and who is responsible for this injustice. The group then glances at the minister, whose daughter was apparently rejected for a scholarship because Shiv selected Shakti instead. Nandu whispers to Shakti that this incident may be related to the minister’s grudge against Shiv. Manorama insists that Shiv is innocent and only acted to protect Shakti. The other individuals present recall how they observed Shiv bravely saving Shakti from some thugs earlier on. They refuse to believe that an innocent man could be arrested, especially since Shiv has always stood up against unfairness and encouraged them to do the same.

The inspector has requested their departure, leaving us with nothing to do. The case will be taken to court in three days. A smirk forms on Mandira’s face as she believes Shakti’s plan is failing. Shakti speaks up, accusing the inspector of being influenced by a certain minister. According to her, the minister holds a grudge against Shiv for not granting his daughter a scholarship. Shiv had chosen her because he believed she was deserving of it; to her, Dr. Shiv is like a god and now he is suffering for doing the right thing. People begin to shout that the minister is abusing his power. The minister, feeling threatened by this growing opposition, attempts to calm them down and insists they are all mistaken. He even came here upon hearing of Shiv’s arrest, right Mandira? She avoids making eye contact with him.

According to the public, we cannot allow corrupt officials to perpetrate injustice. Consequently, a group of individuals began assaulting the minister and he attempted to seek shelter. The arrival of the commissioner prompted him to inquire about the situation. Upon being asked, the inspector explained that they had received reports of Dr. Shiv physically assaulting people in the market, resulting in his arrest. However, these same individuals are now pressuring us to unlawfully release him. Our actions were taken in order to uphold peace within the city. At that moment, Rimjhim arrived and refuted these claims, presenting evidence that Shiv had actually protected Shakti from some thugs. She played a live recording demonstrating the harassment Shakti had endured and how Shiv came to her aid.

Nandu informs Shiv that not only Shakti, but her entire family is filled with fierce lions. This brings a smile to Shiv’s face. The commissioner then explains to Rimjhim that while their actions are understandable, they must still abide by the court’s orders. Turning towards the inspector, he asks who filed the FIR and whether they were arrested based on someone’s complaint. When pressed for details, the inspector admits to receiving a complaint from the minister. The minister, in turn, insists that he did not file a complaint and was simply trying to maintain peace by calling the inspector. He clarifies that his intention was not to have Shiv arrested and states that he came to secure Shiv’s release. Upon hearing this, the commissioner directs the inspector to free Shiv and promises an inquiry into the matter.

Mandira is fuming with anger, convinced that my plan failed because of Shakti. Ragunath assures the inspector that this is not the end of the matter. The commissioner expresses regret for the corrupt officer and thanks us for contacting him. Ragunath gratefully acknowledges his words. At last, Shiv is released from his cell. As he steps out, he nearly trips but Shakti rushes to support him and everyone watches in silence. Their eyes meet as Shakti’s chain gets entangled with Shiv’s shirt, and Teri ore begins to play while she tries to untangle it. Nandu worries about what would happen if the family sees Shiv’s locket with Shakti, anticipating another round of drama. Manorama glares at them disapprovingly, while Mandira heads towards them as Shakti struggles to free her necklace.

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