Shiv Shakti (Zee) 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti’s Determination Tested

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Manorama leads Rimjhim and Shakti to her room, where she reveals boxes filled with utensils. She explains that these were purchased to provide for both of them. It is customary for parents to begin preparing for their daughter’s marriage from birth. She lovingly tells Shakti that she bought the same items for her as she did for Rimjhim because she also considers her a daughter. While society often focuses on what a woman brings to a marriage, Manorama believes in keeping the family together and has done so successfully. As her children embark on their journeys, she wishes them love and contentment and presents them with everything she has prepared for them throughout the years.

Rimjhim and Shakti become emotional. They hug her and cry. Rimjhim says we will never leave you. Manorama says don’t say that. I want you both to live a happy life. I am not worried about Shakti because she will find a suitable partner. I am concerned about Rimjhim, but she says don’t worry about me. Manorama tells Chacha not to worry about me again. Shakti thinks this is Mandira’s doing, and I’ll expose her on Diwali.

Shakti reaches out to her lawyer and inquires about possibly bailing Ranjan before Diwali. The lawyer promises to make an effort and ends the call. Soon after, Rimjhim arrives, and Shakti admits to skipping college. Rimjhim asks for her whereabouts, to which Shakti responds by having some pressing matters. Rimjhim expresses her concern over keeping Keertan’s secret from Manorama and not wanting her to find a new suitor for Rimjhim. Shakti advises patience, but Rimjhim insists on talking to Manorama. As she leaves, Shakti contemplates how to reveal Mandira’s deceitful actions towards Manorama. She realizes she needs Shiv’s help in this situation.

She greets Shiv, who tells Manorama that he came to talk to Shakti at Shakti’s house. When he greets her, he says, “I’m disappointed in you, I know you bunked classes, it was your first day, and you bunked.” What was more important to you that you had to leave? What was the emergency? Doctors don’t miss lectures. You aren’t cut out for this career if you don’t have passion.

It’s not like that. Shiv says did your dreams change? How will you be passionate about becoming a doctor if you can’t take classes seriously? Shakti apologizes, but she won’t be able to bunk courses again. Shiv says I’m sad today, I trusted you, and you let me down. God gave you this opportunity, but you didn’t value it. You don’t know what it is like to lose your passion, as I did. He stops himself and angrily leaves. All family members hear that, and they all go.

Manorama’s eyes are fixed on Shakti, who pleads for a chance to explain herself. Manorama reassures her that Shiv cares deeply for her and is upset because he sees her dreams as his own. He wants nothing but success for her and has promised to support her every step of the way. She reminds Shakti that if she accepts Shiv into her life, he will ensure she achieves greatness in her field of medicine. Despite Shakti’s tears and denial of Shiv’s love, Manorama insists that he is more than just a friend to her. She encourages Shakti to prove her love by facing whatever test Shiv has given her. With a blessing, Manorama departs, leaving Shakti wondering how she can make things right with Shiv.

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