Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd July 2023 Writtne Update on

In the beginning of the episode, we find Shakti and Shiv in the mandir. Shiv is performing his prayers in the river while Shakti does the same at a distance from him. After Shiv emerges from the water, he greets Baggumaa who blesses him for being there every day. Grateful, Shiv expresses that he considers himself to be Baggumaa’s representative. To this, she responds by stating that he is not just her grandson but also her friend. Smiling, Shiv agrees and introduces himself as Dr. Shiv. Her words bring out an emotional response from Baggumaa who then asks about his locket. Unfortunately, Shiv reveals that he may have lost it in the river as perhaps that was meant for someone else in need of it more than him. They bid farewell to the mandir and leave together.

Upon emerging from the river, Shakti’s uncle inquires about the gold chain adorning her neck. Confused, she explains that it must have become entangled while she was swimming. Her sister remarks on her extraordinary luck, but their uncle attributes it to her character. Shakti decides to return the chain to its rightful owner, but her uncle insists that it is a blessing from God, especially since it happened on her day of fasting. Despite her sister’s attempt to take it, Shakti refuses and vows to keep it safe until she can return it. Her uncle suggests that perhaps this is a sign of fate and encourages her to pray with Bholenath for guidance in finding the true owner.

She is praying for Shiv at home when her husband stops her, throws away the jaal and says Bholenaath cannot accept prayers from sinners. When Baggumaa arrives, she asks what happened. He says Gayetri destroyed everything, she could never wash away her sin, she destroyed her son’s life. She cries and says she just wanted to thank Bholenaath for Shiv.

He angrily proclaims that Mandira is his only mother and the sole daughter-in-law of this household, while you are insignificant. Trying to calm him down, Mandira interjects with “Please calm down, Bhaisaab.” Gayatri is Shiv’s biological mother, but he insists she has brought ruin upon him and therefore has no right to partake in any family traditions or ceremonies. If she tries to claim her title as Shiv’s mother, he will kick her out of the house. After making his point, he storms off. Left heartbroken by his words, Gayetri sadly exits the room. As if reveling in her victory, Mandira smirks and boasts that even God himself will grant her prayers for Shiv’s downfall.

The second scene

Gayatri cries in her room and says, “Bholenaath, you are everywhere. Accept my prayers.” She pours jaal on her thumb and prays to Shiv.

Her sister is making videos in the mandir, but Shakti tells her to stop, please respect God’s privacy. Other people ask them to leave so they can do pooja.

Mandira, accompanied by her guards, arrives at the mandir. Her entourage clears a path for her as she approaches the entrance. Shakti and her sister happen to exit the mandir and witness a commotion directed towards Mandira by some fellow worshippers. As Mandira attempts to bypass the queue and enter the mandir, Shakti intervenes and kindly reminds her to wait in line like everyone else. Mandira protests, “Do you even know who I am?” To which Shakti responds, “I may not know your identity, but in this mandir, wealth and status hold no importance. We are all equal before Bholenaath.” Undeterred, Mandira claims her VIP status as a trustee of the mandir. However, Shakti stands firm, asserting that no one is treated differently during prayers and all must stand in line to show respect towards God.

Shakti expresses surprise at Mandira’s lack of knowledge, but then stops her from entering. As a trustee, Shakti reminds Mandira that she is entrusted with the care of the mandir and should not betray that trust. However, Mandira clarifies that she is not a caretaker but a benefactor to the mandir. Chacha also joins in and tries to intervene. Shakti emphasizes that everyone, including Mandira, is dependent on Bholenaat’s generosity. Chacha interrupts and apologizes to Mandira, explaining that Shakti’s behavior may be due to her own situation. Others chime in, saying that being wealthy does not grant special privileges for jumping ahead in line at the mandir.

You don’t know who you are talking about, Bhabhi says. Chacha pundit is in danger. Mandira glares at Shakti and throws away her jaal pot. She leaves with anger. Shakti’s sister tells her that if she finds out that you are her papa’s niece, she won’t spare him. Shakti says she doesn’t even care about pooja, and I don’t want to stop anyone’s pooja, but today I feel like I did the right thing by stopping her pooja.

Bhabhi tells Mandira that she got insulted. Mandira asks her to find out who this girl is since she is going to have to face my wrath now.

Shakti expresses concern to her sister about Chacha’s situation. She worries about the possibility of the trustee discovering their familial relationship and that Chacha is the priest at this location. Meanwhile, her sister shares that K-Kul, a well-known influencer, has once again posted hurtful comments directed towards Shakti on social media. She shows Shakti a reel in which the influencer mocks traditional practices. But amidst all this, Shakti hears a woman crying for help and rushes to see what is happening. The mother of a young boy explains that he has swallowed a coin and is now struggling to breathe. While trying to find a solution, Shakti hurries towards the Ganga river and attempts to get water from it. Suddenly, Shiv appears before her causing her to lose her balance. In this moment of chaos, he reaches out and takes hold of her hand as they lock eyes with each other.

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