Anupama 4th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 4th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Vanraj approaches Anupama with gratitude for keeping Kavya’s pregnancy a secret from the family. Anupama responds by acknowledging that it is Kavya and Vanraj’s right to share this news with the family. Overjoyed at the thought of becoming a parent again, Vanraj remarks on the unique situation of having a younger uncle or aunt for his daughter Pari. He struggles to put into words just how happy he is. Anupama reminds him that this is an opportunity for him to mend his relationship with Kavya and embrace parenthood together. She encourages him not to let their happiness slip away, as they are only one step away from reaching it. With his maturity, she knows he can handle everything that comes their way. Just then, Leela calls them both down, prompting Anupama to suggest they head downstairs where everyone eagerly awaits them.

Maaya assures Anuj that all arrangements have been taken care of and nothing has been overlooked. Anuj agrees that there should be no room for error. The baraat arrives, with Samar riding in on a scooter as the Shahs dance around them. The Kapadias are overjoyed at the sight. Anuj can’t help but smile as he watches Anupama’s dance. Maaya, however, feels envious. As Anupama catches sight of Anuj, she blushes and Dimpy also turns shy. Maaya compliments Samar’s appearance, while Anupama announces that even the groom will be dancing. Anuj adds that the bride should also join in and calls out to Dimpy. Leela interjects, questioning what kind of drama this is and how can a bride dance during such an important ritual. Hasmukh jokingly reminds her that she has danced before with them in the past. Leela argues that it goes against tradition, but Anupama counters by pointing out other changes she has made in her daily life to adapt to modern methods and asks why she cannot let go of this one tradition for her own happiness. She eventually convinces Leela with a long explanation of her reasoning

Dimpy approaches them, causing Leela to frown. Doll expresses her issue with Dimpy’s behavior, acknowledging that even she has the right to enjoy. Samar leads a lively dance routine to the tune of Kangana Tere Ni.., enthusiastically joined by all the Shahs and Kapadias. Once the dance concludes, Maaya picks up an aarti thali to warmly welcome Samar. Leela then requests Barkha to perform the ritual, but he declines citing his lack of experience. Instead, Maaya steps in and completes the ritual with a playful gesture of pulling Samar’s nose. This prompts Little Anu to ask why Maa is doing so, which Hasmukh explains as part of the tradition. Kanta further elaborates on its significance while Leela interjects with her own remark. At Ankush’s invitation, everyone heads inside the house where Anupama feels a sense of unease as she reminisces about her past experiences there – her wedding, Little Anu’s arrival in their family, and Maaya’s warning to stay away from Anuj. Despite Anuj’s invitation for her to enter, Anupama hesitates due to her conflicting emotions.


Maaya stops Anupama and says she feels Anupama staying away from Anuj and staying with him is her good fate. Anupama says fate’s most good and bad nature is that it changes.

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