Anupama 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 3rd June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Anupama proudly shows the badge she made for the bride’s team. Kavya admires her creativity and asks where she gets such great ideas. Anupama credits her desire to do something special for her son’s wedding as the inspiration behind it. Turning to Samar, she asks for his opinion on the badge. Leela suggests they should leave now, but not before gifting everyone silver rings as a unique gesture from the grandparents. Anupama comments that silver has a calming effect on the mind. Jokingly, Leela adds that they should also put silver rings on all of her ten fingers. She then playfully teases that Dimpy Dragon will need it the most after getting married and causing chaos in their home. Concerned about seeing her daughter sad, Hasmukh urges Anupama to share her troubles with him. With a heavy heart, Anupama expresses her desire to forget everything and enjoy her son’s wedding.

As Dimpy prepares for her role as a bride, memories of Leela’s disapproval flood her mind. She knows she must handle the situation tactfully and fight with love. Just then, Barkha appears and reassures Dimpy that she is on her side. Complimenting her appearance, Barkha advises Dimpy not to become like Anupama, who was a good daughter-in-law but had her life ruined by the Shahs. Similarly, even Kinjal and Kavya, who were once successful and strong women, fell victim to the Shahs’ mistreatment. Therefore, Dimpy should not follow in their footsteps and allow Leela to make her life a living hell as she does with other daughters-in-law.

She says if she has to survive in that house, she has to stand strong against Leela and not let her overtake her; she should not fall prey to Kinjal’s kindness since everyone will sympathize with Kinjal rather than her. Therefore, she should act well with Kinjal, but not support her; she should control Samar with love and not let him lose. She should not let him realize that he’s become the wife’s puppet.

Dimpy was warned by Samar that he would eventually turn against his family. Meanwhile, Anupama had Kinjal’s support during her marriage, but now Dimpy is alone and must realize that it’s the Shahs against Dimple. Their anxiety grows when they see Anuj unexpectedly entering. After apologizing for not knocking, Anuj inquires about their well-being. Barkha quickly explains that Dimpy was feeling homesick and she was consoling her. To cheer her up, Anuj gives her a nazar bracelet and advises her to keep everyone happy and avoid conflicts. Little Anu comes in with others and compliments Dimpy’s appearance. She even takes a selfie with her. Barkha secretly hopes that once Anupama leaves for the USA, she will be able to win Anuj’s heart. She wonders if her plan will succeed without raising any suspicion from Anupama.

Anupama beams with happiness at the sight of Samar as a bride. Vanraj expresses his joy to Kavya, explaining how fulfilling it is for parents to see their children’s growth and success. He acknowledges that Kavya may not fully understand this as she is not yet a parent, and apologizes for his previous remark. Remembering Anupama’s advice, Kavya reveals her own pregnancy and shares her excitement about soon becoming a mother herself. This revelation leaves Vanraj in shock. Barkha then recounts her conversation with Dimpy to Adhik, who responds by stating that he is more concerned with resolving accounting discrepancies rather than what was said between them. Despite Barkha’s offer to help, Anuj takes charge of arranging the wedding mandap. Maaya assures him that she has already taken care of all the preparations and gifts for the guests, but Anuj insists on managing everything himself.

Barkha inquires if Anuj and Maaya plan to return to Mumbai after the wedding as Little Anu’s schooling would be affected. Anuj responds that he will not leave until Anupama departs for the USA. Barkha then asks about their plans after that. Anuj admits he hasn’t thought about it yet. Ankush adds that Anuj has his business and house in this city and should stay back, as handling a vast business alone may be challenging. Maaya chimes in, expressing her desire to stay at Kapadia Mansion after Dimple’s departure. Barkha suggests that Maaya could potentially replace Anupama at work. However, Anuj disagrees, stating that no one can fill Anupama’s shoes and urges Maaya to return to work instead as they have a lot pending.


Anupama feels anxious to enter Kapadia house when the Shahs arrive with baraat and dance.

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