Anupama Written update 28th January, 2023

Anupama written update

Anuj anxiously pampers Little Anu and tells her his story is like of Sri Krishna, questioning why Maaya had to abandon her.  To calm the girl he stands against Maaya as Barkha lashes out at her for reappearing after seven long years, suspecting she was just after his money.  Dimple enquires the same while Ankush proclaims she cant stake any claim on Anu.  Barkha goes a step further and threatens to call the police; yet; Maaya assets they can do anything they want but she will fight with the whole world to prove little Any is her biological daughter.  She adds it as something personal and prefers to handle it peacefully rather than create any fuss.  Unappeased bu this, Anuj concludes there wont be any more talk or drama and suggests a DNA test.  Knowing full well Anuj might use his influence to gain victory over Maaya, she says regardless of what he does or has; being a mother, she’s all set to seek justice for her daughter.

Little Anu cries looking at her family picture, scared that the fight between Anuj and Maaya would send her to an orphanage.  Anupama pleads with Anuj to stop arguing, knowing it achieves nothing. He retorts why she is in support of Maaya and she replies one mother can uunderstand the pain of another. Barkha raises the question why should Anupama sympathise when it was Maaya who abandoned Little Anu without considering how it would affect her.  Ankush adds that she is now emotionally attached to him and his wife, asking if this is fair for them for their little daughter.  Maaya questions if its right for a child to grow up with foster parents when her biological mother is alive.  But this statement was met with a response from Barkha – Is it then right for a mother to leave a child in an orphanage?  In return, Ankush enquires whether Anu was illegitimate which leads to a heated discussion between them.  He further warns they will find out all of Maaya’s secrets if need be.  At this point, Barkha interjects that its none of their business and shouldn’t bother themselves with the matter anymore.

Maaya insists that they put the past behind and focus on what is ahead. She tells Anuj and Anupama that she adores their daughter, and although she was powerless back then, that is no longer the case.  Maaya plans on taking Little Anu to London with her in fifteen days, permanently.  Anuj responds that he wont allow it, as court may wonder why she had abandoned her previously, and if there was any assurance of her not doing so again.  Maaya insists that she will do whatever it takes to win; however, Anuj expresses immense love for his daughter and claims a father loves a child just as much as a mother does – which will make him take extreme measures.

Anupama instruct the couple to stop, reminding them that they are discussing their daughter and not a toy and urge them to talk calmly. She tells Maaya that if one is Devaki then other is Yashoda and believes in equality betwen mothers; it does not matter if there is no blood relation – a mother brings up the child.  Yashoda Maiyya is known for her immense respect and love.  Anupama expresses annoyance at Maaya speaking to Little Anu without caution, leaving her taken aback.  She questions how they will face their daughter now.  Maaya agrees but still wants her back at expense.  Anupama offers to take the case to court if they desire and fight for years but says she cannot bear to see her daughter suffer and asks Maaya if she too would plead with her.  Ankush enquires as to who would explain things to Little Any and Maaya suggests letting her try; however Anuj refuses because of Little Any already being agitated and probably sleeping just now.  Finally, after much pleading from Maaya, Anupama relents and allows her to visit the house.

Maaya stepped into Little Anu’s room and saw the sleeping girl with photos of Anuj, Anupama and herself beside her.  She went to pamper her, expressing regret for leaving her.  Anuj is angry and questions Anupama’s state of mind, allowing Maaya to come to their house which could lead to deception from Maaya’s side. Ankush and Barkha agree with him on this.  He asks Anupama why she yearned for greatness when she wanted was to be a mother and not have any lies told.  In response Anupama stated that Maaya is telling the truth

Precap: As Little Anu tells Anuj and Anupama that she loves them, she also acknowledges that Maaya is her mother; she asks if she has to stay with them or Maaya.  Anupama agrees to let Maaya stay with them.

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