Anupama 7th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 7th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya apologizes to her baby, explaining that it was a mistake on mamma’s part and papa got angry at the wrong person. She points out that it’s common for adults to make mistakes and for children to bear the consequences. Kavya urges not to be angry at mamma as she is on their side, and also not to get mad at papa. Anupama offers comfort to Barkha, encouraging her to eat something since she hasn’t eaten since yesterday. However, Barkha insists that she cannot compromise, finding it difficult enough to handle her own children, let alone others’. She expresses her dislike for Romil and says she can’t stand being around him.

Barkha throws pillows around, and Anupama tells her that she and Anuj are worried about her. Anupama suggests throwing pillows around and venting out her frustration. Barkha says Ankush always hits her where it hurts the most. He said not to involve his illegitimate son, but he brought him here. As she hits her leg against a couch, she writhes in pain and says Anupama had the support of her whole family when she left Vanraj, but now she has no one to support her.

Anupama offers comfort to Barkha by resting her head on her lap and expressing that it’s unfair to punish a child for their parent’s mistakes. She empathizes with Romil, realizing the potential effects of growing up with constant ridicule due to his parents. Anupama questions whether Barkha could forgive herself if Romil were to succumb to mental pressure. She proposes leaving things up to fate and allowing time to work its magic. However, despite accepting this suggestion, Barkha makes it clear that she will never accept Romil back into her life. Anupama understands that there are challenges ahead.

As the shahs exit their home upon hearing a car horn, Dimpy and Samar emerge from their vehicle. They excitedly inquire about their surprise – a brand new hybrid car. The rest of the family stands in shock. Samar wonders if they are not pleased with their success. Vanraj questions whether they received assistance from Malti Devi, who is known to be Anupama’s adversary. He notes that the car must cost at least 10-12 lakhs. Dimpy reveals that they purchased it on an EMI plan. Hasmukh expresses concern over the family’s financial struggles and how they will manage to pay for the EMI as well as their household expenses. Dimpy responds brashly, assuring them that they will take care of the payments and the family need not worry. Toshu reminds them that they have accepted help from Malti Devi, who could potentially use it against them due to her relationship with Anupama.

Samar reveals that Toshu also received Rakhi’s favor and stayed in her penthouse. Admitting his foolishness, Toshu insists that they are not fools. However, Kinjal recalls the family’s criticism towards Toshu’s actions and requests Dimpy to stay out of the brothers’ disagreement. An argument erupts among them. Dimpy suggests that Toshu is envious of Samar’s success since he is currently unemployed. In response, Toshu angrily silences her and asks Samar to control his wife’s remarks. Defending his wife, Samar points out that Dimpy always speaks the truth which seems to offend the Shahs. He adds that he previously experienced feelings of insecurity and jealousy but now it seems like Toshu is going through the same. In a fit of rage, Vanraj slaps Samar and warns him not to insult his brother. He demands that both Samar and Dimpy apologize to their elder brother, but they remain stubborn in their stance.

Anupama convinces Barkha to have lunch and takes her to the dining hall. She serves food to family. Romil arrogantly claims he already ordered food and asks his so-called father to pay the bill and send the parcel to his room and leaves. Barkha fumes at his arrogance. Anuj agrees that Romil is a kid, but his misbehavior with Anupama is unacceptable. Ankush will apologize for Romil’s actions.


Anupama apologizes to Malti Devi for her misbehavior and warns her not to provoke Choti Anu.


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