Anupama Emotional Turmoil Unfolds in Anupama’s Life: Masala Tea Revelation and Unexpected Encounters | 29th December 2023 Episode Update

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Yashpal asks who made the masala tea. Anupama says I did. She recalls saving only one luggage bag from the goon. Yashpal signs one of the chefs to go and bring it. The chef brings it and gives it to Yashpal. Yashpal smells it. He says more masala tea has to be made. While Anupama cries, she says she will never make masala tea again, asking him where she will go without her passport if he throws her out.

Vikram requests Anupama’s attention as their boss has something to say. Yashpal mentions that the tea is imported from India, but its distinct aroma remains. He compliments Anupama’s masala tea for having that same aroma and offers it to all customers moving forward. Anupama expresses her gratitude and assures him that she will prepare it. Vikram then asks if he can accompany her to the PS to get her passport since she is unfamiliar with the procedures. Yashpal suggests they go during their break and urges Anupama to provide him with the ingredients needed for the masala tea, which he will bring himself.

Anuj excitedly shares Aadhya’s victory in the racing competition on social media. Curious, Shruti asks who is posting on social media. Anuj replies that he is sharing his happiness and proudly exclaims, “My Choti Anu rocks!” However, realizing his mistake, he quickly corrects himself and says, “I mean my Aadhya rocks.” Aadhya then joins them and embraces Anuj before handing him the trophy. He praises her performance, mentioning that he watched it all through live streaming and that she even beat the second and third-place winners. Aadhya graciously gives credit to Shruti for her success. Impressed by her athletic abilities, Shruti suggests that she should pursue a career in sports. However, Aadhya reveals her desire to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a businesswoman. This brings a smile to Anuj’s face.

Shruti says Aadhya needs something. Shruti suggests we go to a restaurant. Shruti says you will have a sandwich. Aadhya says, and you have chole nature. Shruti says it’s good and thinks we’ll go there. Shruti asks why Anuj has disliked Indian food since he returned to America. She asks him to come. She says she’ll make him meet Joshi Ben, a magical lady, and get a vibe with her. Anuj agrees.

Vikram requests Anupama to go on her own and mentions that he has a lot of work to attend to. She agrees, and he hands her a paper with the address and directions, instructing her to go there. She assures him that she will do so. He then offers her money, but she declines, saying it is unnecessary. However, Vikram insists, and Anupama eventually accepts. As they leave the restaurant, Anuj and Shruti arrive, causing them to pause. The song “Saans me teri” plays in the background. Shruti invites Anuj to sit down, and Vikram asks if they want to try the new masala tea today.

Anupama walks on the street while Aadhya comes after meeting her friends, and she notices her. Anupama apologizes in front of her. Aadhya is shocked. Anuj and Shruti drink the masala tea. Anuj tastes it and remembers Anupama. Anupama is in front of Aadhya when she sees her. Shruti says it is very nice. Vikram asks how it is. Shruti says it’s impressive.

As Anuj says, he thinks this taste is impossible. Anupama says beta. Aadhya runs from the restaurant and runs inside. She hugs Anuj and asks him to take her from there. Anuj inquires about what happened. She asks him to promise not to leave her, and he does. Shruti also promises not to leave her.

As Dimpy enters the kitchen, her phone beeps for messages. Vanraj scolds her and says Jayesh bhai told her you were talking to a guy outside and asks who he was. Dimpy says he was an old student. Vanraj says your place is here, not on the road, and asks why she went there. Dimpy says she brought milk to Ansh and a few other things. Vanraj asks her not to go outside and to tell him if she needs anything. He leaves. Dimpy sits and cries.

Shruti sees Anuj and tells her something isn’t right. He says he can’t help it. Aadhya recalls seeing Anupama before her and panics. She cries as she sits on the floor. According to Anuj, Choti did this when Anu left us, and I brought Choti to America. He says it can’t happen and asks himself not to think about it. Shruti asks what happened. Anuj doesn’t answer.


Then, Anupama asks Aadhya if she is looking for someone. Aadhya says whoever left is forgotten. Anuj calls her, saying he will be there in 5 minutes. Aadhya says this place makes her feel suffocated.

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