Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th December 2023 Written Episode: Vandana’s Bold Move Shocks Vaibhav!

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vandana stating that the police will handle the situation. Vaibhav questions the evidence she has, threatening to expose her relationship with her boss. In response, Vandana confirms that she witnessed everything and plans to take action against him. Confused, Vaibhav asks what she intends to do. Ignoring his question, she proceeds to physically attack him, causing him to plead for her to stop. Shortly after, the police arrive and apprehend Vaibhav. Grateful for their arrival, Vandana accuses Vaibhav of attempting to harm her father by suffocating him. Desperate to clear his name, Vaibhav claims that Vandana is fabricating stories to keep the family home and reveals her affair with her boss as proof of her ulterior motives. However, Vandana produces footage from hidden security cameras installed for her father’s safety, exposing Vaibhav’s true intentions.

She requests the inspector to apprehend Vaibhav and administer justice. Consequently, Vaibhav is arrested. He menacingly warns Vandana that he will make her life a living hell. However, she remains unfazed and carries on with her actions. Afterward, she reflects on everyone’s words and receives an audio message from Kunal. In the recording, he entrusts Tara’s care to her and promises to return in two days. Grateful for his support, she responds with a sincere thank you. The following day, Vandana encounters Anagha while Tara rushes towards her, calling out, “Mumma.” She halts in her tracks as Tara embraces her in a hug.

Meanwhile, Vedika, Bobby, and Guneet arrive with a shagun (gift) for Vandana. Atya instructs Tara to meet Shivam. Surprised by their sudden appearance, Vijay asks how they got there. Guneet explains they have two important matters to tend to and offer their apologies beforehand. Vedika adds that they come bearing good news as they present Vandana with the shagun gift.

Vijay expresses his disapproval of the relationship but accepts the apology. This angers Kuldeep, who questions why things are taking place without his consent, referencing Tara’s sudden arrival and Kunal’s new wife. Pammi confirms this, adding that she is informing him late due to Kunal’s potential loss. Kuldeep voices his disapproval of Tara and mentions Kunal’s past mistake with Sonia, followed by his current one with Vandana. He adds that he has not forgotten or forgiven Vandana for insulting him at a party. Pammi advises him to talk to Kunal and clarify things, to which he responds that Kunal never revealed this information to him. She explains that this could be due to Vandana’s influence and urges him to take action.

He says he wants Vandana to be Tara’s nanny, he has helped Vandana during Vaibhav’s matter, he has ousted Vandana once, so he needs Vandana to handle Tara. He thinks Kunal has Kuldeep’s arrogance and ego.

According to her, there is no arrogance in our family. Tara will bring joy into their lives, and they will have a good understanding of each other as husband and wife. Their love for each other should not be seen as a deal. Bobby agrees that they are ideally suited for one another. Guneet adds that Vandana will receive much love in our home. Vedika assures them that we will ensure she is happy, so please consider this. However, Pammi warns that Vandana will come out victorious if this union takes place while you will lose. She questions how Kunal can worship Vandana and claims it would be a colossal defeat for you. To make matters worse, the entire family gave shagun (auspicious gift) to Vandana’s house. Kuldeep comments that this girl is an ill omen. Vijay interrupts by saying enough is enough. I have decided to take back the shagun immediately.

Vedika insists that I have the right to be resolute. So, it’s okay if you are unwilling to accept the traditional gift. But you cannot reject my offering to Vandana as an elder sister. With this, she gives her mother’s chain to Vandana as a symbol of blessing. Vedika asserts that she cannot leave without fulfilling the shagun tradition. Hemant encourages Vijay to agree, while Kuldeep urges Pammi to provide an update. He decides to talk to Kunal and reminds Pammi not to disclose her involvement, fearing Kunal’s wrath. Kuldeep reassures her that Kunal’s father holds the power to keep her in the house and instructs her on what needs to be done. He then hangs up and muses that he must remind everyone of his identity as Kuldeep Malhotra.


He tells Vandana to take the complaint back. Vandana slaps him. She throws Mrunal’s bags outside and tells him to leave. Mrunal tells her not to marry Kunal.

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