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The Episode opens with Jhanak expressing her desire to stay in the village. The lady then asks Anirudh to take Jhanak with him, but he declines as he has a flight the following day. Jhanak agrees with his decision, stating that the village is her home and she will remain here. However, Rahul interjects, suggesting that it would be best for Jhanak to go with Anirudh until things settle down. Anirudh explains that he can’t take Jhanak along with him. Jhanak insists on fighting her own battle and acknowledges Tejas’ power to track her down anywhere. The lady confronts Anirudh for spending the night at Jhanak’s house and questions his ability to take responsibility when needed.

She instructs us to unite with Jhanak and move to Kolkata. However, the men are unable to locate Jhanak and leave. Anirudh expresses his confusion over the situation, asking what is going on. Jhanak assures him that she will communicate with them. The elderly woman clarifies that it concerns the reputation of our village. Anirudh counters her argument, stating that her mindset is incorrect. Jhanak tries to calm him down by saying that he is assisting her and is Arshi’s future husband. The woman disagrees, claiming otherwise. Anirudh vents his frustration, stating that he only stayed here because she requested it. Why create a scene now? One man explains their predicament and implores Anirudh to assist Jhanak. Infuriated, Anirudh exclaims that they have all lost their minds.

The lady says marry Jhanak, or else we won’t let you go. She tells them to stop. She thinks I’ll go with Anirudh without marrying him. The man says no, you’ll marry and go with him, I’m the Sarpanch. The man says fine, Tejas will kill her if you don’t marry her, but if you marry her, Tejas cannot touch her. They all try to convince Anirudh otherwise.

The man urges Anirudh and Jhanak to tie the knot, telling them that the marriage will still take place if they have no compassion for her. Rahul protests, stating that it is not right to force someone into marriage and that they will not be happy together. The man then questions if Rahul can protect Jhanak from Tejas. Worried, Rahul considers this. The man then directs Anirudh to take Jhanak with him. Anirudh expresses disbelief at being asked to marry solely based on the man’s word. Jhanak also asks why he is doing this. The lady intervenes, saying they can reveal their names when Tejas’ men arrive. The man adds that he is willing to shoot them to ensure this marriage happens.

Tejas brings Rukmani home. He says if you answer me incorrectly, I will shoot you. He asks where Jhanak is. She says I don’t know, and maybe she fled because I locked her in the room. I think you don’t fear death. He asks if she ran or if you made her run. She says I don’t fear death. He thinks I’ll torture you to death. She says fine, you ruined my life. You thought I was happy here. He shoots on her leg, and she falls.

“How did I wrong Jhanak?” Anirudh inquires. In response, Jhanak claims she played no part in the matter. The man interjects, absolving Jhanak of wrongdoing due to her poverty and lack of family. Despite feeling remorse for Jhanak, Anirudh reveals his plans to marry someone else, Arshi. The man sympathizes with their situation but points out that none stooped so low as to spend a night with her. This causes an argument between Anirudh and the man. Ultimatums are given as the man tells Anirudh he must marry Jhanak or face Tejas’s wrath. Seeing the gravity of the situation, Anirudh claims full responsibility and suggests his friend Rahul as a potential groom for Jhanak. The woman pleads with him, stating he is an outsider who can save her from this fate. Feeling pressured into making a sacrifice, Anirudh insists that he doesn’t want to marry Jhanak and that she should be allowed to leave. However, the woman explained that they only had limited time and needed to resolve the matter quickly.

Arshi returns home. Shrishti says I’m worried about you. He says Anirudh is coming tomorrow, but Vinayak arrives and asks why you didn’t tell us. Arshi says the network was down, but everything is fine. Don’t worry. Shrishti says he’s strange and didn’t stay at Bharat’s house. According to Arshi, he paid for the houseboat, not a child.

According to Vinayak, We should give Jhanak money so she can continue her education. Arshi agrees. Shrishti says I have a problem with it. Anirudh says you’re forcing me to marry. It’s wrong. The villagers agree. Jhanak takes Anirudh aside. She tells him, please don’t marry. These people are not educated. They think with their hearts, they are emotional, and they won’t let us go. Arshi and Vinayak argue with Shrishti. She asks Arshi not to work with Jhanak.

It seems you’re saying Jhanak will stay here with us. Shrishti says she’s warning me and challenging me on stage. Arshi says she won’t get another chance in that village, so stop comparing me to her. Arshi smiles. Shrishti says okay, and we’ll get your engagement ready. I don’t want it to be delayed. Jhanak says I’ll manage it if you drop me off in Jammu.

As Anirudh says, I do not want to marry. Jhanak says that it will be a fake marriage. We won’t believe it or tell anyone you return to Kolkata. If I stay here, Tejas will kidnap me. The man says we don’t have time. Let’s get them ready and take them to the temple. I lost all belief, your villagers messed with me, I will never forgive them.


Shrishti says I feel like something wrong is going to happen. Anirudh marries Jhanak and takes her. They see Tejas approaching.

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