Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai : Manri’s Determination and Preparations for the Wedding | 28th March 2024 Episode Update

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As everyone surrounds her, Manri ponders the logistics of her wedding. Nandini questions why preparations are necessary since no dowry is required and they will provide the Mangal Sutur. Ishwar clarifies that they only need to prepare for the accommodations and meals for the guests. Instructing Nandini and Mitesh to retire for the night, Mitesh jokingly reassures Manri that he’s not afraid of her. However, she playfully responds that she is still quite formidable. Mitesh and Nandini take their leave as Ishwar affirms that Manri may not be a good wife, but she is undoubtedly the best.

Manri assures him not to worry, as everything will fall into place. She retrieves her jewelry while Ishwar comments on its sentimental value from her parent’s side. Manri counters by reminding him that her children also belong to her, proudly mentioning how Surbhi has once again proven herself by entrusting the care of the children to her. She reflects on how their love has healed the pain of being unable to conceive and that she now must fulfill this responsibility. Manri apologizes to Ishwar and promises never to bring up the topic of her infertility again, leading them both to embrace each other in a hug.

In the morning Roupa brings the drink for Ronaq which she slowly places on the desk before sitting beside him however she furiously tries to remove the cloth, so Ronaq questions where is she going and should be with him, he prays that every morning should be like this, so he calls her Naini. He replies, “I am not Naini. I would never like to be like you.” When she tries to leave, Ronaq stops her, telling her that she will never be like her, so he demands the money despite her telling him she should ask Naini.

As a result, Ronaq throws water angrily on her face, making Roupa furious. Roupa says that he said nothing should leave this room, but under the influence, he revealed the truth about Naini to everyone and should be thankful that Hemraj did not discover the truth about him. Ronaq hits Roupa, and Samta asks what happened when he says that she fell after hitting the chair,

It hurts Roupa when Samta orders Ronaq to open the bandage while she herself begins applying it. Samta asks Roupa to be careful as Naren is getting married in a few days, and Ronaq begins applying the bandage angrily, causing Roupa to scream. Samta tells him to be careful since if Hemraj finds out anything, nobody will be spared. Ronaq leaves furiously, and Samta slowly asks Roupa to sit with him.

Hemraj sits in his room smiling while reading the newspaper and, after a while, calls the Minister when his attendant answers. When Hemraj asks if he can talk to Arjhen Bahi, the Minister takes the phone and greets Hemraj. When asked what happened, Hemraj responds he has two good news, so Arjhen asks what the news is. Then Hemraj reveals that his son Naren is getting married soon when Arjhen mentions that Hemraj shouldn’t send the invitation since he is a family member.

Hemraj has successfully solved the issue with the land in Upleta. As we discussed the land in Ahmadabad and Rajkot, Arjhen mentioned that many people, including Sujhan, were interested in it. Hemraj proudly mentions that he owns six plots in Upleta. Arjhen acknowledges Hemraj’s business savvy and suggests that Hemraj could provide him with the land in Upleta while he would arrange for Hemraj to receive official land on the Highway. Realizing this opportunity, Hemraj considers advancing his wedding plans. Just then, Chanchal arrives at the door to inform us that Maharaj has arrived.

“Hemraj and his family sit together as Maharaj performs the ritual. Afterward, Maharaj announced there would be no auspicious time for four months. Hemraj suggests checking again, but Kinjil reminds them that this rule would make it impossible for any wedding to occur worldwide. Hemraj reassures MahaRaj that there is no need to worry, as he only needs to bring his daughter-in-law. Maharaj then proposes a time frame of twenty-five days, with some accompanying rituals. While he calls Ishwar, Hemraj tasks Chanchal with preparing for the pooja.”

Ishwar expresses shock at the 25-day deadline, to which Hemraj replies that there are no auspicious dates for the next four months. Ishwar is concerned, but Hemraj assures him he will handle everything. Ishwar asks about preparations within 25 days, and Manri reassures him that they can accomplish all tasks if they start now. As they leave, Nandini questions how her uncle will manage the wedding without jewelry.

As Visakha, Nandini, and Manri sit together to pick out dresses, Nandini notices Manri’s concern about the cost. She suggests that Nandini should have at least twenty-one sarees for the occasion but asks Visakha to convince her to be more practical. Visakha responds by reminding them of why she came a month early. As Nandini begins rejecting dresses based on their prices, she questions the need to spend so much money for an event that is still four months away. However, Manri insists that this day only comes once in a lifetime, and it is a gesture of love from their uncle and aunt. Eventually, Nandini decides on a dress when Manri tells her to get some food while she pays for the purchase. Observing Nandini’s lingering gaze at the dress, Manri instructs the shop owner not to pack it up.

During the evening, Hemraj instructed Chanchal to handle all the preparations and watch Naren. He noticed Roupa hiding her bandage and immediately turned to look at her. Chanchal then informed Baa that they had picked out dresses and jewelry for Nandini but thought it would be best to have her final say. Hemraj questioned the need for her approval, while Heta suggested bringing Nandini to the house. However, Baa declined, stating that she was still not officially engaged. Thinking of a solution, Chanchal proposed going to Upleta instead, and Kinjil agreed. This made Ronaq storm out in anger, which concerned Hemraj.


Ishwar agrees with Hemraj that Chanchal will be visiting Upleta for clothes and jewellery so no one will find out about their land deal. Upon entering Nandini’s house in the morning, Chanchal and his family are stunned when someone throws water at their feet. Nandini is shocked to see them.

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