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The Episode opens with Ranbir announcing that Prachi will be taking on the task of decorating the entire house for them. Manpreet points out that Prachi may not have realized how big the house is. Ranbir explains that she is excited to be away from him and mentions Mihika, who is known to have a great relationship with her sister-in-law. Mihika confirms this by saying that Bhabhi loves her a lot. Ranbir then confidently states that she will also love him, which Divya agrees with, noting that Bhabhi loves him as well since she’s taken on the task of decorating the house herself. Prachi quickly denies this and clarifies that she is happy to decorate and can’t wait to be done with Ranbir. This causes confusion among everyone present.

Taking her word for it, Prachi says she stands by her decision, and she asks why I will get rid of Mihika, stating that if I do need to get rid of someone, it is Ranbir. Prachi jokes a lot and tells that their relationship is such. In our house, bhabhi teases Nanand’s husband. Manpreet says it happens. Ranbir says Prachi isn’t joking. Akshay asks him to be more funny and smile when necessary. Prachi laughs and says Akshay is right.

Manpreet informs Prachi that they should head to the storeroom to prepare for the lights. They make their way there, where Shahana inquires if something occurred between Prachi and Ranbir. Unwilling to discuss it, Prachi declines. Manpreet asks for clarification, while Shahana fibs about not being able to speak about office matters with her. Prachi points out Shahana’s similarity to Ranbir as a liar. Manpreet reveals the lights and decor items, noting that instead of handling food or other tasks, Prachi chooses to handle decorations. Shahana agrees and adds, “Yes.”

Akshay has informed everyone about their designated rooms and sent their belongings to their respective spaces. Later, Vishaka requests Mihika and Divya to practice dancing before the decorators arrive. Once the decorators are there, Vishaka offers them tea before they begin working, stating that she will provide further instructions. Akshay assures Prachi that he will assist her with the decorations, as he too is delighted about the engagement. Mihika then asks for Prachi’s help while Abhay converses with Shahana. Aryan claims to know Shahana well and calls her a headache, to which she responds by calling him jealous. Manpreet intervenes when Ashok attempts to make a phone call and playfully takes his phone away, prompting Ashok to ask why he is behaving childishly.

Vishaka enters the kitchen, searching for tea dust. She climbs a ladder to reach it. Ranbir appears and urges her to come down, questioning if she wants their engagement to take place. Vishaka inquires why he is there, to which he responds that he can be anywhere and asks about her purpose for climbing the ladder. She explains that she needs tea dust. Ranbir hands her the canister and she praises him and his mother while also expressing her fondness for Mihika. Vishaka then inquires about his mother, to which Ranbir reveals that his previous marriage did not work out due to his mother’s disapproval of his ex-wife.

As he leaves the bathroom, Ranbir says he loves his first wife. Aryan sees Prachi and thinks she married Akshay because of me, and thinks he has committed this mistake. Akshay comes to him and looks at him. He warns him not to see his wife. Aryan asks him if he is psycho and tells him that Prachi is his sister. Akshay says he does not want anyone to look at his wife. There must be something wrong with him, Aryan thinks.

Upon seeing Mayank’s 44 missed calls, Mihika assumes he is upset. Suddenly, she notices him disguised and holding a bouquet as he enters the room. Aryan confronts Ranbir, questioning his thoughts on himself. Puzzled, Ranbir asks for clarification. Aryan shares his dislike towards Prachi’s husband and how he believes something is off about him. He describes the man’s demeanor as sinister and inhuman. Dismissing Aryan’s concerns, Ranbir points out that Prachi has chosen him and reminds Aryan that everyone changes over time. He also mentions how during the mall attack, the man did not try to save Prachi but instead remained seated. Ranbir concludes that there is no use arguing since Prachi has made her decision.

Mihika enters her room, followed by Mayank who quickly locks the door. Curious, he questions her about the engagement, to which she responds that she’s attempting to prevent it from happening. In disbelief, Mayank asserts that she cannot marry another person. Mihika clarifies that she has no intention of marrying him either. Fueled with anger, Mayank immediately apologizes and begs her to promise that both the marriage and engagement will be called off. Mihika assures him she will go talk to someone but is unable to discuss it with him at the moment. Frustrated, Mayank insists on a guarantee from her and as a result, Mihika snatches a knife from his hand and throws it away. She then slaps him in disbelief and asks if he’s lost his mind. Tearfully, he confesses his foolishness in wanting to marry someone else and embraces her tightly. Sensing his sincerity, Mihika decides to cancel the engagement altogether. When Mayank suggests running away together if cancellation isn’t an option, Mihika nods in agreement as he proceeds to kiss her hand.

He then thinks if Prachi wants to show that she is happy with Mihika and my alliance, I shouldn’t think about Prachi. He says I should have sent Aryan back since they are confronting his feelings.


He runs and holds Prachi as she falls from the ladder. Akshay asks him why he held Prachi. Ranbir asks if he doubts that he is interested in her?

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