Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Ranbir starts the episode, he drives the car to search for Khushi, while a guy helping him drives. The music system doesn’t stop. He says let the song play, the stress will be less. They arrive at the goon’s hideout place and see the goon getting inside. Ranbir says they are clever to fool the Police. The guy says they are clever to fool them. They see the Police Inspector coming on his bike and hide in the car decky. The Inspector goes to a house.

Rana asks Akshay where he is? Rana says Bakshi Chawl, where you keep your workers. Akshay says it’s on my place, Tandon. Rana says it’s safe. Akshay asks him to call Prachi and tell her that he will deal with her directly, and not with Ranbir, and asks her to pay the ransom. His plan is to ask Prachi to come by herself, and he says he wants Prachi to think he wants Khushi and her together.

It is Rana’s request that Akshay send Prachi’s number. Akshay agrees. Rana ends the call. He says Akshay is a demon who tortures his own wife and daughter in order to avenge Ranbir. The goon agrees that I do not do such things. The investigating officer says that anything can happen after 24 hours.

During the call, Rana asks Prachi how her daughter is doing. She asks why you are crying, and he tells her that her daughter is fine. Prachi asks where her daughter is? Rana demands 50 lakhs rupees. Prachi asks what is the guarantee that Khushi is with you? Rana sends her photo. Ritika writes on the paper that Prachi should ask what is the proof that Khushi is still alive.

In reply, Rana signs the goon. Goon takes the video and sends it to Rana, who sends it to Prachi. Prachi sees Khushi call Mamma and becomes emotional. She says she’ll bring the money. The call ends. When the call is traced, the officer says it came from Bakshi Chawl. Prachi hears the call and goes there. Ritika says Bakshi Chawl is your property. Ashok says yes. Ritika says I doubt everyone now.

In Viska’s call to Akshay, Ritika tells him she has doubts about Tandons. In response to her question, Akshay says he is behind the house. He can’t see Prachi upset, which is why he came out worrying about Khushi. As he enters the house, he sees Khushi with Rana. He tells Vishaka not to worry, because the truth will win.

She says she’s happy that he didn’t do anything wrong. He says if you’d done something wrong, you’d have been trapped badly. Akshay assures her that everything will be fine. He asks Vishaka to take care of Prachi. Prachi went to Bakshi Chawl because Ranbir’s location was tracked. Akshay becomes shocked and ends the call. Prachi can come here at any time, he tells Rana.

Rana affirms and shortly after, Prachi appears. Ranbir and his new companion exit the car. Prachi enters and inquires about Rana’s daughter’s well-being. Rana urges her to step back. Suddenly, Akshay strikes Prachi with a hockey stick, causing her to collapse. He then feigns insanity and apologizes, questioning his actions. He blames Rana for leaving the door open, which led to him hitting Prachi. Rana criticizes all of Akshay’s actions as wrong, but he continues to argue with her.

Aakshay tries to wake Prachi up. Rana stops him, telling him she’ll ask him what he’s doing here. Akshay says someone is at the door. Rana asks what to do with the girl. Akshay says you’re a kidnapper. Ashok is told that Khushi will be found. Manpreet asks who kidnapped her. Ritika informs police about Bakshi Chawl. Even if Ranbir didn’t do kidnapping, he will be there.

They leave. Ranbir and the guy come there. Ranbir says she is my daughter and asks him to leave his daughter. He offers him money. Rana demands 50 lakhs. Ranbir says give me sometime. Rana says they do not have money and asks his goons to throw them out. Akshay hides with Prachi who is unconscious. Ranbir says I cannot live with her.

When Akshay gets a call, Ranbir fights with Rana and gets inside, saying I will not leave my daughter without her. He takes Prachi out from there. The friend fights with Rana and saves Ranbir, and Ranbir takes Khushi in his hands. The goon hits Ranbir’s friend’s head with a glass bottle.

Ranbir is about to run when Rana shoots him. The bullet hits his hand, and then he hits his head with the gun. Khushi wakes up and shouts Papa when he sees her condition. Akshay is in the car and says I’m really sorry, Prachi. He says I love you so much and I’m doing all this for us. His car is stopped at the light.

In addition to Ritika, the Inspector tells her we will arrive at Bakshi Chawl in 5-10 minutes. She says we will arrive there at the same time. Akshay hears her and drives off. Ritika sees his glance. Khushi calls Ranbir and asks him to get up. Akshay calls Rana and asks why Khushi is crying. Rana tells Akshay her father is unconscious and we are with her.

Prachi is gaining consciousness as Akshay asks him if they are still there. Rana replies yes. Akshay asks if they are mad and tells them to leave immediately. Akshay asks him to leave and says the police have found it and ends the call. When Prachi opens her eyes, she finds herself in Akshay’s car.


As Rana and the goons take Khushi away, she shouts for Papa to save her. Ranbir hears her voice in an unconscious state. Later, Ranbir tells Prachi that Akshay knows about the kidnapper as he was also kidnapped. Prachi is shocked.

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