Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2023 on

The Episode begins with a scene of everyone praying. Abhimanyu directs his prayers towards Mahadev, pleading for strength for his son Abhir, who is in great need of it. Manjiri’s heart swells with happiness as she sees her son finally content, and she wishes for this feeling to last forever. Aarohi realizes the unfairness of causing disruption in others’ lives for one’s own happiness, and quietly prays for things to be set right. Ruhi also joins in the prayers, hoping that Abhir finds true happiness. Meanwhile, Abhir longs to reunite with his parents and return home. The pandit asks for his name, which is revealed to be Abhir, and then surprisingly requests his father’s name. Abhinav Sharma responds to the question, while everyone looks on with curiosity.

Mahima says you said right, your dad is Abhinav, upbringing always wins over birth. Manjiri says Abhimanyu Birla. Pandit asks them to forward hands and place the kalash. They place the kalash. My dad’s name is Abhinav Sharma, no matter what. Kairav says he’ll see them. Manish says they’re devastated.

Abhimanyu says our friendship is also lost, Abhir isn’t sharing anything with me, what should I do? Manjiri takes his glasses and asks what’s kept on the table. He says flowers. She says you found it blurred at first and then your eyes adjusted, give him some time, he is a little kid, how is he supposed to adjust here so quickly? He says if he cannot accept me, then he won’t accept me.

Shefali mentions that everything has changed for Abhimanyu and it’s been difficult for him, so she requests some time for him. Parth then questions what Abhimanyu will do if they don’t have the time to offer. Manjiri assures them that Abhir will stay at his own house. Parth seeks confirmation from her before Anand interjects, informing them that Manish has filed an appeal against the court’s decision. Shocked, Manjiri asks if this is happening so soon after Abhir arrived and if they will have to fight again even though the court ruled in their favor. Disappointed, Abhimanyu comments that he expected someone to behave this way while Shefali wonders aloud about their chances of winning the case this time around.

Abhimanyu declares that the ultimate decision lies in the hands of Mahadev. Although I initially lost all hope, Mahadev restored it by giving me a ray of hope. In case he decides to fight, I will stand by his side. Dadi mentions that she has made a vow and is preparing laddoos as part of her prayers. The rest of them also express their intention to make laddoos and pray. Manish acknowledges that Abhir’s life has taken a drastic turn and wonders how he will cope with it. Muskaan observes that she has never seen him so dejected before. Ruhi and Aarohi invite Abhir into their room, which used to be his room. While showing him around, Aarohi points out the cupboard, study table, toys, etc. Ruhi assures him that he doesn’t have to sleep alone if he’s afraid as he can always come to her room and promises not to disclose it to anyone else.

When Aarohi says Abhir doesn’t smile, she tears and says I’m your maasi, like your mom. I love you very much, I promise. Akshara and Abhinav sit sad. Everyone asks them to eat. Akshara asks where Abhir went. Abhinav looks at her. Abhimanyu and Manjiri serve Abhir his favorite food. Abhir gets hiccups. Akshara also gets hiccups. Abhinav makes Akshara drink water. He says she misses him.

Talk to mumma once, Abhimanyu says. Ruhi says call Maasi. Akshara says no, let him settle there. Abhir says I don’t want to talk. Abhimanyu thinks he refused to talk to them, what did they do, he’s so upset. Abhimanyu asks him to talk once. Abhir goes to sleep. Abhimanyu prays for him. Abhir thinks of Abhinav. Abhinav says Abhir used to hug me and sleep, but he isn’t here today. Akshara sees a blanket and tears.


Manjiri says we’ll take Abhir to the hospital. Akshara comes home. Manjiri says Abhir will find it difficult to adjust here if old things come back. Abhimanyu asks Abhir to call him dad.

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