Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s First Day at College

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Abhira saying I was deciding about hugging you. She leaves. Ruhi says I promised to take care of Abhira, and I can’t break it. Armaan says to get ready for therapy in the afternoon. They talk and smile. As they get late, Abhira asks Armaan to come. Madhav asks why Armaan is taking Ruhi to the therapist and why you aren’t doing it. Vidya says maybe she can talk to him about her problems since they are of the same age group.

Everyone knows Armaan and Abhira’s marriage has problems, so why does Armaan feed Ruhi food and take her to a therapist when Rohit is not here? His reply is that if you send him to Ruhi, his relationship with Abhira could get tangled. Vidya says he will handle it all. Armaan says that everyone has a limit and that you have forced all the responsibilities and hopes on him. They argue.

We have reached the college, Abhira says. Armaan tells her to drop her off. She says she’s not a kid where parents drop me off. He asks if I’m your parent. He gives her the toy tortoise. She smiles. He says it was in the car. All the best, study hard. I have sindoor, mangalsutra and bangles, so anyone would think I’m not married. I am married to you. Everyone knows about our marriage.

Dada ji says okay, and she goes. She recalls Akshara’s words and steps on the stairs. Dadi, Vidya, and Kajal talk about Charu. Ruhi holds Charu’s hand. Charu stays sad. Manisha jokes. Ruhi says please don’t make Charu apart from me, we have become friends. Charu receives some messages. She leaves. Dadi says fine, we’ll wait. Abhira sits in the classroom. She keeps the toy tortoise on the bench. Armaan sather and says sorry to disturb your class. I had to give Abhira these notes.

The teacher says you are Armaan Poddar. The guy says he’s the best lawyer. The girl says he’s so pretty. They all surround Armaan. Abhira goes to take the notes. He thinks, who is pulling the notes, where is Abhira? She pulls him back and falls back. As he stumbles, he holds her in his arms.

The girl says she is Armaan’s wife, he is so good looking, I am better than her. The teacher says you should stay back and talk to the faculty. I want to ask about the Sinha case. As he looks at Abhira, he says fine, he will stay back. Everyone claps. He is asked to go to the office. They begin bantering. He says you’re jealous. Charu says no, I can’t take this job. We need to stay in real life.

Peon says everyone went to the canteen with Armaan Sir. She follows Armaan and sees him talking to the students. Abhira gets angry and leaves.

The students have put together a brief performance for you, so please come and show your support. The girls will be dancing to the song Deewana hai Dekho…while Armaan and Abhira engage in a playful fight. Later, they both join in on the dancing as well. She falls into his arms in one dance move, and everyone applauds. Meanwhile, Manish and Suwarna head to a restaurant together. She notices that he seems particularly happy today and asks about it. He responds by saying he wanted to go on a date because he usually gets caught up with work and feels he doesn’t have enough time for them. She reassures him not to worry and suggests they have soup and salad. He agrees, and they continue their date while Abhira leaves the college premises.

Armaan invites her to sit in the car, to which she scolds him. He defends his action, saying that it was an enjoyable experience. However, she reminds him that while he had fun, she was left alone as everyone else was focused on him. He teases her by suggesting that she is feeling jealous again. She clarifies that she did not come here solely to be a housewife and fulfil traditional expectations but also to pursue her academic goals and her mother’s aspirations. She moved away from her hometown after marrying him and even faced disapproval from his grandmother for her chosen college. Every day is crucial for her, and there is no room for leisurely activities. In response, he apologizes and admits that he didn’t consider all of this before making the suggestion. The other girls add their remarks, jokingly hinting at how lucky she is to have such a wonderful husband due to whom she may have fasted 16 times to find. Armaan smiles at their comments while Abhira requests him not to visit her college in the future, which he agrees to with a promise.


Manish hears about Abhir. Abhir falls. Manish shouts Abhir. Ruhi says Abhira is strong, cheerful, and intelligent like you. Armaan says Abhira and I are opposites.

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