Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2024 Written Episode: Abhira’s Decision Amidst Family Drama

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The episode starts with Abhira saying I will go now. Armaan holds sorry banners and applies tape to his mouth. She says you look good. She opens the bag and sees sad notes inside. He keeps his ear. He removes the tape. He says you can scold me, and please don’t leave the house, you have seen it, everyone was fighting, my mind wasn’t working, I’m so stupid; I want you to stay here, study and become a good lawyer, if you remain happy, I’ll be the happiest.

She scolds him. He says don’t leave the house. She tells how she feels when his family insults her. He said sorry; I told him that in anger. She says I’m leaving your life. He says I won’t let you go, I’ve promised Akshara mam, please give me a chance, I’ll do as you say, you’re free to punish me. Perfect, I’ll punish you.

As she takes a seat, he assures her of his eternal support. Carefully binding his limbs with tape, she adds that he can no longer hinder her plans. “Farewell, Armaan,” she declares, ending our partnership. As he trips and tumbles onto her, they both rise to their feet. Urging her to use the scissors and release him, he pleads for her to stay put. With a swift cut, she frees him from the restraints. Refusing to let her leave, he then uses the scissors to free himself. Spotting Vidya approaching with the memory box, she embraces it tightly and weeps while Vidya expresses regret for what has happened.

Abhira assures everyone that everything is resolved as she retrieves her mother’s box. Vidya apologizes for her earlier behaviour towards Abhira and explains that she acted rashly without knowing what happened. She asks for forgiveness and a chance to make things right for herself and the whole family, including Armaan. Abhira leaves the room, while Ruhi questions her decision to go without a valid reason when the family can solve their issues together. Abhira responds that the family’s behaviour has been confusing, and she cannot determine whether they are good or bad.

Ruhi, Armaan and Vidya all have opinions about the importance of relationships. While Ruhi emphasizes their depth, Armaan reminds her not to scold Rohit. Vidya believes that Ruhi is like a parent to Rohit and should support him instead of being too sentimental. Abhira then compliments Ruhi and asks her to prepare for Rohit’s arrival. She acknowledges their problems but insists he is a good person who deserves their support. As they discuss whether or not to attend an event, Ruhi offers to help Abhira decide, but Abhira suggests playing rock, paper, scissors like she used to do with her mother. Ruhi agrees and asks if this is how they will make their decision.

Abhira expresses that life often makes decisions for us. If you emerge victorious, I will join you in going, otherwise I will stay back. I wish to carry on this custom with you. Ruhi responds with a smile. Madhav addresses Armaan, acknowledging Abhira’s efforts to bring Rohit home and urging him to treat her as an equal. Abhira and Ruhi are seen playing together. Vidya admits to her mistakes and wishes her son and daughter-in-law happiness. She encourages them to maintain a happy marriage. In the end, Ruhi prevails in the game, and Abhira acknowledges her win while reminding her to consider her choices carefully.

Abhira expresses concern about taking on this task alone and suggests that Ruhi also consider Rohit’s situation. Ruhi takes a moment to think about Rohit and reaffirms her dedication to Armaan. However, she also decides to make an effort to befriend Rohit. Madhav mentions that his son will soon arrive but is interrupted by the arrival of inspectors. Politely excusing himself, he asks them to take a seat while he steps away briefly. Abhira offered the inspectors water, and they informed her that they needed to talk to Madhav urgently. Ruhi explains that although she gave her heart to Armaan, she is now committed to supporting Rohit in any way she can. The inspectors reveal that they have news concerning Rohit. Abhira reveals that she is Rohit’s sister-in-law and requests they share their information with her instead. As Ruhi notices Armaan decorating the lawn, the inspectors disclose the shocking news to Abhira and Madhav.

He sits tense. She cries and goes to Armaan. She holds him. He asks if he is crying because he scolded him. Sorry, did anyone ever say anything to you? She stops him. Abhira stops him. Ruhi looks on. She says no one told her. When he asks what’s wrong, he feels tense. Why are you crying? She tells him Rohit was involved in an accident. Armaan and Ruhi are shocked to hear this.


Madhav asks Armaan about Rohit. Manish says congrats, Rohit is coming back. Everyone waits for Rohit. Abhira tells everyone Rohit’s car fell down the bridge, and he is missing. Everyone is shocked.

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