Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Episode: RV’s Revelations

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Poorvi asking Khushi what she wants to say about RV. Khushi recalls everything. Poorvi asks her to say. Khushi thinks of RV’s threat. Poorvi asks her to say. I was not fond of RV and came there to stop your marriage, but it was too late, Khushi says. If I had stopped your marriage, you wouldn’t have felt this pain. Harleen tells RV that I’m so sorry, that he did what he wanted, and that we were all with you.

When Deepika tells RV that you left Poorvi, she asks him to dance. He asks why the party is kept. Monisha says your revenge has been fulfilled. The song plays as they dance. Deepika asks Vikrant to come and dance. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays……Deepika asks Vikrant to come. Vikrant says people are here. She says I will dance with you because you are my husband.

Dadi, Dadu and Yug go there. Dadu says we came to the wrong house. Yug says this is our house. Dadi asks them to see what is happening. Yug says a party is happening. Dadu says even I came with you both and didn’t know. Dadi asks why this party is happening. Yug says even I…Dadu says we will dance. Dadi refuses to dance with him. He dances with Yug. Dadu goes with Yug to the party.

RV’s Chacha and Chachi dance. Harman and Harleen dance. RV’s Chacha and Chachi dance. They all clap. Dadu asks them who is the best dancer at this party. Harman says there is no doubt. Dadu, thanks for being RV’s Dadu. Harman says you are praising yourself. Dadu asks why this party is kept. Monisha says this party is kept for Khushi’s Khushi. Dadu asks what do you mean? Chachi says RV has a big project, so RV gets praise from Dadu.

Monisha invites everyone to have a good time and RV to join. Curious, RV inquires what she means by “Khushi’s Khushi.” Monisha explains that RV derives pleasure from Khushi’s unhappiness and suffering. She also mentions that Poorvi most likely hasn’t informed her family yet and requests RV’s assistance. Monisha urges him to call Khushi and clarify how content he is with their relationship, emphasizing how Poorvi’s life has been ruined. She expresses concern that the neighbours may have already started making disparaging comments towards Poorvi. Monisha urges RV to reach out to her and suggests they mock her together.

Khushi and Poorvi arrive, but the hall is empty. Poorvi suggests that they check if RV is at his house, but she doesn’t want any unnecessary drama to occur. Just then, Prachi joins them and inquires about their conversation. Khushi explains that they were discussing Diya’s potential marriage as a guy came to see her. They also ask about Vishaka and Manpreet, to which Prachi responds that they went to the temple. Poorvi expresses her disappointment with RV, saying he doesn’t seem to care as much as she had thought. Despite thinking he understood what upsets her, it now appears otherwise. She decides she doesn’t want to go back there.

RV dismisses Monisha’s suggestion to invite Khushi to the celebration. Dadu then turns to the guests, with Yug following suit. They poke fun at Yug, commenting on how much he has grown. In response, Yug declares that it’s time for cake and drinks to be served. He adds that Deepika will be sharing the reason for the party. However, Deepika interjects and announces that RV has successfully landed a significant project. Dadu takes over and asks Harleen to ensure Harman understands the significance of this achievement. With pride in his voice, Dadu proclaims that his “sher putar” has secured the project. He suggests cutting the cake now, but Harman insists on doing it later. After briefly discussing their past relationship, RV admits he’s still not at peace.


Khushi says she will get her sister married soon, and the guy’s family is coming to see Poorvi. She says she won’t let him ruin her sister’s life—RV watches.

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