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Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Prachi coming to Rhea and hugging her. Rhea pushes her, and breaks the hug. Prachi asks what you are doing, if you are angry and want to fight, and says we have a whole life to fight. Rhea asks her to stay away from her, and to not behave in this typical way. She says we are sisters and have not seen each other for a long time. She says she has not come for her, and is very clear about what she wants.

Pallavi expresses that she is aware of your desire to take away our house’s suffering and struggles. She accuses you of intentionally creating chaos and difficulties for us. Rhea strongly disagrees with her and claims that she has every right to be here and has been seeking it for a long time. She questions whether you plan on taking advantage of the situation if Ranbir is not by her side, and asks if there is any truth to the rumors about him and Mihika. She confidently asserts that Ranbir will not belong to anyone else as long as she is around, and claims that he may not know what he wants, but she knows what is best for him.

From far away, Prachi hears her. Mihika comes near her and asks who are you, who is so knowledgeable about Ranbir, what is right or wrong for him. She asks who are you? She asks who are you? Rhea replies, “Mihika, nice to meet you.” She said, “I thought you were part of a dance troupe, but I didn’t know that you knew Ranbir.” Pallavi says she is Vikram’s friend’s daughter. Prachi says she is Ranbir’s good friend. Mihika says Ranbir is really lucky. She excuses herself and leaves. Rhea claps and says “wow, Prachi…friend!”.

Having asked what happened to that honesty idol, she asks why you didn’t inform Mihika that she’s Ranbir’s wife and he’s the love of my life that you’ve stolen from me. Prachi asks her to stop talking this way. She says you should have asked Mihika not to do this marriage. You know what happens to me when someone tries to take my place. Rhea says I am saying the truth and you have said nonsense and many lies.

She claims I am irrational and becomes infuriated, and whoever attempts to replace me, I eliminate them. She questions why you are allowing this marriage, then recalls that you wedded Akshay and do not cherish Ranbir anymore. She remarks how money was a priority for you, and how you married Ranbir when he was wealthy, but after leaving him, he has fallen apart. She expresses her disgust towards me and cannot stand to be in my presence for even a moment. Pallavi’s lips curl into a smile upon hearing her words. Prachi makes a move to follow Rhea, but hesitates.

Palavi comes to Prachi and asks what happened, what was it, she said so much to you, and you didn’t say anything. You are an expert in this field, so you are going to tell her what she has done and why she herself is bad. She asks her to go and scold her, she says so much to you, you will reply to her, and you will tell her what she has done. In response to Rhea’s letter, Pallavi provokes Prachi to reply. Prachi goes from there. Pallavi smiles.

When Prachi tells Rhea to stop, Rhea says Prachi…I’m looking for Ranbir. Prachi asks, “Did you say I married Ranbir for money?” Rhea says yes. Prachi says your eyes are always closed and that’s why you can’t see the truth. You hated me and thought I was bad, don’t know why? She said you had told Ranbir to break my heart, and then he fell in love with me, and I fell in love with him as well.

I was blackmailed by you to get Papa married to Meera aunty, and I left Ranbir for my Maa, she says. In her view, money is very important to me, and I always thought good about you, and when I left home and when I returned, I did not tell anyone that I was alive. She says Papa had a lot of money, and one day everything disappeared. She says even Ranbir had money, and it disappeared. Even though you used to fight with Ranbir, Rhea says you stayed with him.

It was mentioned that I had spent a night with Ranbir, while you were also present. Prachi then expressed her genuine love for him. Rhea questioned her sincerity, to which Prachi replied that Ranbir is the love of her life and she cares for him deeply. However, upon seeing Pallavi nearby, Prachi confessed that her feelings have changed and she no longer loves him as he is set to marry Mihika. Rhea vowed to stop the wedding and left the room. Pallavi approached Prachi and asked if she was honest with Rhea, to which Prachi confirmed. With that, Pallavi left the room as well.

Akshay sees Rhea standing and remembers inviting them for his marriage and Rhea telling him tomorrow is Ranbir’s wedding and hers too. He comes to Rhea and says you were with Ranbir, you’re Rhea. Rhea asks, really, do you know who I am? Akshay says of course, you’re Rhea. You must have remembered that Ranbir and I were getting married the same day and Rhea asks how you can arrange for your sister to get married to Ranbir.

It is Akshay’s question if you are still married to Ranbir. Rhea asks him to come to her side and says I will tell him. Ranbir comes over and holds Rhea’s hand. Akshay says we were talking. Rhea says I want to talk to Ranbir and leaves. Prachi sees Ranbir holding Rhea’s hand and taking her with him. Prachi is stopped by Manpreet and asked for a puja list.

When Ranbir takes Rhea to the kitchen, he asks why she came here. Rhea says you held my hand. Ranbir says so that I can bring you here. He asks what she is doing here. Rhea says, Ranbir, look at me and tells me how much I love you, how often do you miss and think about me? I am madly in love with you, and she wonders how you can be engaged to a girl while I’m here.

As she says I love you so much, she says I cannot bear to see you with someone else, and I will never let you become someone else. Prachi and Shahana arrive there. Rhea says not again, why did you come here so many times? Prachi turns to leave. Rhea asks why you were trying to disturb us. I was speaking to Ranbir.

She is asked to stop by Ranbir. Prachi asks with what right, I will stay back and says it is about Rhea and you. Ranbir tells Prachi that it isn’t between us, but about three of us. Prachi asks with what right you want to ask me, and says I came to get the stuff for puja. During the conversation, Ranbir asks Shahana to take the stuff and says Prachi will remain here. He says both sisters have ruined my life.

When Shana asks Prachi to speak to him once, she leaves. As Ranbir asks Prachi what’s wrong, he says you don’t understand when I tell you and you understand when others do, but you don’t even value me at all. Rhea says she can say this for you, and you value my words as well. As soon as you have a chance, you speak up, Ranbir says.

He asks Prachi and Rhea, until when he will be grinded by their unpleasant relationship and until when he will suffer for their relationship bitterness. Pallavi visits Vikram. Vikram asks Pallavi what happened? Pallavi says Rhea..I had just spoken to Rhea just now and she said her avatar was changed and her mannerisms, behavior, and everything has changed. Vikram asks Pallavi what she wants. She says that she does not want this engagement.


Vishaka asks Ranbir if he ever married Rhea. Rhea threatens to cut her nerve if they don’t cancel the engagement. Mihika asks else what, and asks her to die. Ranbir is shocked.

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