Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the episode begins, Dada ji says he is 45 and that he has been cursed to not grow older. He says it’s a blessing. Dada ji says Harman brought the samosas. He pretends to talk on the phone and says the car belongs to Yug. Yug claims Harman told him to buy the car. RV also says the same thing. Harman gets upset. Harleen says what she wants to say.

He asks you if you are my enemies, and then says I didn’t bring it, then says you want him to get divorced. He goes behind Harleen. Dada ji says he’ll have samosas in his room after locking the door. RV says he won’t talk about Purvi again. Dada ji refuses and leaves. A guy calls RV and asks him to come and meet Robert’s partner for the deal. RV says he will come. Yug hears about it.

Diya approaches Poorvi, who is engaged in conversation with a tea vendor. Ashutosh inquires about Diya’s question and comments on how Khushi also playfully teases him, claiming to be his sister-in-law. He attempts to start the bike, but it fails to do so. Mentioning that RV gifted him an expensive bike which turned out to be a disappointment, he adds that his scooty is much better. Diya remarks on how a monkey wouldn’t know the flavor of ginger. Ashutosh challenges her to say it louder and confesses that he doesn’t care for her and only has eyes for Poorvi, whom he is about to marry. Proudly, he declares himself as a diamond.

Diya tells Poorvi that he is coal. She asks her di what will happen if she realizes later that he is the wrong guy? She apologizes to Ashutosh. He starts the bike by pressing a button. Diya hugs Poorvi and asks her to reconsider. Poorvi sits on the bike and goes with Ashutosh. Diya prays to God to stop the marriage. Ashutosh says he knows that, but he also wants to start the bike that way.

As they arrive at the 5 star hotel, Ashutosh inquires if Poorvi has been here before. She replies that she has only seen it from the outside. He then mentions his previous visit to the hotel when he had come to see the Principal. He reassures Poorvi that he will make all her dreams come true once they are married. Requesting the receptionist to reserve a room for them on January 25th, Ashutosh specifically asks for one on the second floor. The receptionist informs him that those are luxury rooms, but Ashutosh insists on booking it. He decides to take some selfies to show off at school, while Poorvi catches sight of RV descending the stairs. Without questioning why she is there, RV approaches her and asks about her visit. She explains that she came with Ashutosh to book a room but quickly brushes off any issues when he notices her looking at him. Remembering Diya’s warning, Ashutosh invites Poorvi to join him and heads towards their destination.

Ranbir arrives at the hotel room for a meeting with Robert and his partner, Patrick. He briefly contemplates what would have happened if RV had also been present to witness his victory. Just then, RV enters and announces that he has secured the project. Ranbir responds by sharing that he too has landed the project. A heated argument ensues, leading to the revelation that Robert and Patrick want them to work together as partners. The man explains that this partnership will be beneficial, combining KK’s guidance and RV’s risk-taking attitude to achieve great results for the project. However, both KK and RV refuse to collaborate with each other despite the man’s attempts to persuade them. Soon after, RV receives a call from Harleen asking him to come home. He excuses himself and declares that he will not work with KK. Ranbir also states that he will not work with RV before storming off in anger.

Harman inquires Harleen about her phone call to RV. She explains that she contacted him because he had scolded both Nupur and herself. Nupur questions why she is causing their brother to suffer losses in the business, emphasizing that family should be his top priority. To this, Harman responds that they were just discussing the same thing. Harleen then decides to contact RV and ask him not to come over. She reaches out to him and reassures him that everything is fine. RV, on the other hand, suggests that she should eat something. Meanwhile, Ranbir overhears their conversation and admires RV’s caring nature towards their family. Dada ji informs Ranbir that Dadi is arguing with him and requests for his presence. Seeing Ranbir gazing at him, Yug wonders why he is staring at his brother.


Poorvi tells Ranbir she is marrying Ashutosh with her wish, and he asks if Ashutosh is her choice. Ranbir then calls Poorvi’s mother and says he wants to talk about Ashutosh.


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