Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update

Balbira tells Willson’s goon that nobody is here, and Willson misunderstood. The goon says if Willson said someone is here, then someone is here. A goon points a gun at them. Balbira stops the goon, saying Veera is his stepbrother and this is his territory. They see Veera and his goons going from there. Balbira asks the goon not to tell anything to Willson. Kaatiyani comes to the captive girls and asks them to change their clothes and look good.

Khushi recalls Kaatiyani torturing her along with Balbira. Kaatiyani asks Khushi if you will tell everyone if anyone showed smartness. Khushi cries. Kaatiyani asks if she is crying and has tears in her eyes. She threatens them and asks them not to show smartness, otherwise, they will lose their lives. He asks the ladies to prepare them. The ladies dress them.

He tells Balbira he doesn’t lie. The goon says it was Balbira’s stepbrother who came to drink wine. The guy tells Balbira that they can’t wait for the girls now. Balbira asks Kaatiyani to bring the girls. Willson replies you’ll get what you wait for. The man walks towards Prachi and holds her hand. Prachi says leave my hand or I will break your face.

Ranbir removes his hat and shows his face. She asks him about his outfit, and he says everyone wears clothes like this, so he thought to be the guest, and that he will sit with them, and just as Khushi arrives, he will run away with her.

Ranbir tells Prachi he stole it from someone, and says he locked the guy in the bathroom. There is a Facebook picture. He asks the guy to give him his goggles, hat, and coat and says he will clean it. He says it’s a free service. The guy gives the things and says Wilson did a good job. Ranbir locks him up and sticks under maintenance paper on the door. Prachi asks what you will do, will you bet? Ranbir says they’ll kill us if we go this way. He says I’ll sit there and bet and then elope with Khushi just as she arrives.

Pallavi asks Dida if she saw Rhea and Ranbir. Dida says no, but I did see Vikram. Pallavi says she is searching for Ranbir. Dida says you used to search for Vikram after your marriage. Dida ends the call by telling Pallavi she has taught Vikram good values. Pallavi acknowledges that she has also taught Vikram good values.

Dida asks Pallavi to call Ranbir. Pallavi calls Ranbir, but he isn’t available. She calls Rhea. She picks up the call and tells Pallavi they are in the restaurant, where there is no network. Pallavi asks her to tell the truth. Rhea tells her everything. Pallavi says she will go to the Police.

Rhea recalls and says that life is complicated. She says she will tell Akshay later. Kaatiyani is taking all the girls out with the ladies. She sees Khushi and regrets not saving her from the temple. Prachi says she will save her now. The lady senses her presence and turns around.

Khushi then collides with a vase and is about to fall. Prachi comes there and pulls Khushi to the room. She hugs Khushi. Khushi says I had called Shiv, he should have come here. Khushi asks where he is. Ranbir comes to the hall where the auction will begin. Prachi says where there is Shiv, there is Parvati. She says he is also here. Khushi asks why you came so late?

Then Prachi tells Khushi she should have come sooner and that she’ll be with her always. Khushi cries and tells Prachi that she was scared. Prachi hugs her and asks her not to cry. Ranbir asks Prachi what happened. Prachi says Khushi is with me. He asks where you are. She says she is in the first-floor room where there are antique pieces.

The lady says everyone is here. Ranbir says okay. He gets up to go. Prachi and Khushi hug and cry. Kaatiyani asks them to stop.

After checking, Kaatiyani apologizes and asks the other lady to call Shakti. The other lady calls Shakti.

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