Kumkum Bhagya 8th February, 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

anbir’s pic is sent to the terrorist who is in the hotel and he is told that he is Singhania’s son-in-law by the terrorist boss.

He says Singhania has hidden his son-in-law until now. He says Singhania, his family or daughter Purvi, whoever you get, take them in your captivity. He says we will threaten them and then we will kill his son-in-law, and they will run after hearing this news, and you will shoot Singhania and his family.

The more rich people die, the more terror will spread, and our work will be easy. He asks him to spread terror so that the next generation will be afraid.

When the terrorist sees Ranbir’s photo, he says he is the same guy who collided with me, so he thinks I won’t leave him. Ranbir tells Singhania that he will stay until help arrives, but says he has to leave. Singhania says the outside environment is dangerous.

I must save many people, as well as Meena Kumari, whose name I have no idea. Purvi stops Ranbir and asks, “May I ask you something?” Ranbir asks what? Purvi says my love and tells him my husband is outside, please bring him here, tell him I am waiting for him. Ranbir asks if you love him a lot.

Her answer to Ranbir’s question is that she doesn’t know how to live and that she loves Sandy very much. Ranbir says to trust your love, not me. He asks if she told him that she loved him. She says no. Your love will bring him here, he says, and sometimes we don’t spend time with our love and then regret it later.

When Purvi asks Ranbir if he has lost his love, he replies that no, it is in his heart and whenever he closes his eyes, it gets closer to him. He closes his eyes and sees Prachi. Yaara ve….play…Ranbir tells Purvi that he will bring Sandy here. Despite not being able to promise, he says he will bring Sandy. As he leaves the building, he asks the guard to close it.

There are terrorists in the hotel who kill people. The terrorist who received the boss order asks where Bhaijaan is. Ranbir’s photo is shown to the terrorist and he says he is carrot, we must catch him and threaten to kill him and gather everyone here. The terrorist then says we have to shoot everyone after the boss talks to the government.

Prachi knocks and calls for the Goels. Receiving no response, Kaya opens the door and embraces her in a hug. Prachi inquires about their whereabouts and Kaya sadly informs her that they may have been killed by terrorists. Unfazed by this terrifying news, Prachi bravely insists on saving the rest of the people in peril. Right before she takes off, gunshots are heard in the background but her spirit is not broken as she strives forward believing that somebody needs her help. Just then, Ranbir arrives and Kaya quickly ushers him into the room to get away from the danger. She expresses her worries to him as Prachi resumes running towards the potential victims’ rescue.

There is a gun shooting outside, and Ranbir says people are dying. Kaya tells him her friend saved everyone. Ranbir asks Kaya how she became Jhansi ki Rani from Meena Kumari. She says she is not insensitive like you, and she thinks she’s like Mother Teresa. She says she will save everyone.

She says she is my friend, innocent, sweet, but strong. She says where she can find such people. Ranbir says I am also searching people carefully and with maturity, it is an art. Kaya says I thought you were trying to impress me. Ranbir says no. Kaya says I thought. Ranbir says your friend saved people, and she is also a good person, and I am, too. She says we will look good together. Kaya glares at him enraged.

As Prachi runs, the terrorists tell others they will hunt her down. Kaya asks how dare you, you try to impress me, and you have this thing in your head. She says don’t do such a mistake again. Even though you haven’t met her, Kaya says you are thinking this, even though I am not trying to impress you.

He says yes. Kaya says she doesn’t like competition as I am perfect, and there is nothing more perfect than me. He asks why you are telling me. Kaya says when I reject something, others can get it else no. She says until I reject you, you cannot think about another. According to Ranbir, you are talking like a madman and need a psychiatrist, not a general doctor.

Having asked if you are scared, Kaya says you got scared by the joke. Ranbir says anyone would get scared, you were talking like a psycho. He sees someone going (Prachi) and terrorists behind her and tells Kaya he has to go and save someone.

She thinks he is not interested in me and I think he is not interested in me, but when he took Prachi’s name, why my blood was boiling? She says Mr Manager is different, and I like different all the time. She drinks water afterwards.

Ranbir takes Prachi into the banquet hall and she runs and goes. Prachi sees him in the mirror, but he doesn’t see her because the curtain is between them. Prachi gets emotional. Ranbir tries to distract his guest by throwing the showpiece near the table.

Sandy, the groom, is hiding there. Ranbir pushes the showpiece on the terrorist and asks Sandy to run. Prachi also runs. Ranbir takes Sandy to a safe place. Sandy says, “I am Sandy, my saviour.”.

His real saviour is his future wife, and he tells him that Purvi loves him very much and asked him to save her love and that she gave him the power to do so. She is your saviour, he says. She has saved you, she is your saviour. He asks him to smile. Sandy says I’m getting emotional because of the fight I had with her in the morning. He says I should not react to small things.

As he said, he is lucky to have such a life partner. He said we do things in our anger and ego that we regret later, and what remains of us is pain and repentance. My ego caused me to make someone away from me, and that person went away from me; I have so many memories of her, but I don’t have her anymore. Sandy asks what her name is, and Ranbir says Prachi, my chikchiki.

The terrorists have held Ranbir as a hostage, tied and unconscious. They tell everyone that if they don’t gather in the hall, they will kill this man, whose name is Ranbir Kohli. Prachi and Kaya are shocked.

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