Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in.

Doorbell rings in the episode. Rhea says Khushi has arrived. She opens the door. Vikram tells Dida he loves Khushi more than Ranbir, as you say interest is more important than principal. Pallavi laughs and asks where I will go. Dida says you are my Lado. Rhea opens the door.

When Khushi asks Ranbir to lock the door, Vikram and Pallavi wonder what happened. Ranbir says the orphanage people found out that Khushi had fled. Pallavi asks if anyone called you. Dida asks if you went there. Ranbir says Khushi is missing, so a police report has been filed.

If they come here even a little, then everyone of us will be arrested for keeping Khushi illegally, and then who will save us. She says they shall tell the truth to someone to whom they thought to tell the truth later.

After Khushi returns to the orphanage for now, Ranbir promises she won’t be locked in the dark room again. Khushi runs and hugs Pallavi, saying she doesn’t want to leave. Ranbir says Rhea is right. Dida wants Ranbir to contact a lawyer and get anticipatory bail. Khushi asks them to send her to Parvati’s house, saying she had also adopted me.

As Prachi asks Meera if she is sure that he is Ranbir Kohli, Meera replies, “I rejected his form too, and he got mad and angry and insisted on taking Khushi from there just like I rejected yours.” Although I could understand your anger, Ranbir Kohli threatened to sue us, and said we would have to figure out what to do if you weren’t eligible to adopt the child.

According to her, he shouted as his Mother took him out. She says it’s a lie of his limit that he said Khushi was his daughter and that he got the DNA test done and could bring it. According to her, Prachi is an ideal choice for a single parent who wants to give Khushi to her. Then Ranbir asks Khushi if Prachi came to adopt you. She says yes, and that she works at a big company.. Ranbir asks what you said to Parvati.

As Prachi walks on the road, she thinks Ranbir knows Khushi is our daughter, but he doesn’t tell me. Ranbir tells me she is ahead of me, and I feel guilty.

Dida tells him not to think too much. He asks Prachi if she knows about the full or half truth. Rhea said she didn’t tell you, as she wasn’t aware of it, but she’d have told me if she had known. Prachi says Rhea would have told me, but she didn’t tell me. She gets into a taxi and leaves. The warden asks the driver to follow her.

He says just few seconds are needed to say. Rhea asks when you’ve both met and Ranbir says whenever you’ve met, you couldn’t speak. He says just few seconds are needed to say. Rhea asks about your relationship with Prachi. Ranbir says it’s the same as before.

Rhaa says you change your statement, and asks him not to think Prachi bad, and not to get angry with her. Khushi asks him not to get angry on Parvati. Ranbir says you don’t know how she is? Khushi says I love her and I cried a lot when she left me in the afternoon. Doorbell rings. Dida and Pallavi hide Khushi. Dida invites her to come with her.

Taking Khushi in, she says we’ll act normal. Pallavi asks Ranbir to act as a worker. Vikram says I’ll also act as a worker. Rhea agrees to work in the temple with Pallavi. Ranbir asks who will open the door. She opens it. Rhea says she’ll do it.

Ranbir and Vikram get up from the sofa. He recalls Khushi’s words. Prachi recalls Meera’s words. Dida takes Khushi to the room and locks the door. She tells Khushi that she will hide behind it.

Khushi says they will be skeptical seeing the door closed. Dida says they will keep the door open, but they will see me and think she is sleeping when they peek into the room. She keeps the door open and they cover themselves with blankets. Dadi asks Khushi to turn off the torch on her phone.

Shehana and Dadi are looking for Prachi. The warden calls Meera and tells her that she followed Prachi, who says she came to Ranbir Kohli’s house. Meera asks if you are sure? The warden asks if they are together and if Khushi is inside the house. She says maybe Ranbir kept her and Prachi questioned him.

She says I’m going inside. Meera asks her to wait and says I’ll come there. She tells Shahana and Dida that Prachi is at Ranbir’s house. Dadi says we’ll also come. Prachi tells Ranbir that Khushi is missing. Ranbir says everyone doesn’t get all the happiness, we should be content with what we have.

Prachi asks if you are innocent or if you are trying to fool me. Ranbir says you think I am wrong and that neither I nor you are foolish. Prachi says if you were innocent then you would not have betrayed me.

Precap: Prachi asks Ranbir not to challenge her. Ranbir tells her to think again. Prachi says she will take her daughter with her. Ranbir pushes Prachi out. Prachi collapses.

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