Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2024 Written Episode: RV and Poorvi’s Wedding Bliss

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Pandit ji doing RV and Poorvi’s tilak, saying that now the 7 rounds will happen and asking them to stand for the rounds. When Pandit Ji has completed 4 rounds, Poorvi is asked to move forward for the remaining 3 rounds after Pandit Ji asks him to sit and ask RV to fill the bride’s hairline with kumkum. RV tries to take the pinch of kumkum, but it falls on him.

Holding his hand, Preeti stresses the importance of a pinch of Kumkum in connecting relationships for life. She then introduces herself as Preeta from Kundali Bhagya and requests RV to fill Poorvi’s maang with the Kumkum. As she prepares to leave, everyone asks her to stay for the kumkum and bidaai rasam. After RV fills Poorvi’s hairline with Kumkum, Pandit Ji instructs him to place the mangalsutra around her neck. With joy and happiness on their faces, Preeta embraces Poorvi and reminds them not to lose trust and understanding in their marriage. Finally, after bidding farewell, Preeta leaves after the marriage is solemnized.

RV and Poorvi humbly touch Dadu and Dadi’s feet, receiving their blessings. Dada ji remarks that it was a sign from God and expresses his happiness at their new union. Dadi also blesses them with well wishes. Turning to Harman and Harleen, RV and Poorvi also seek their blessings. Harman kindly advises RV to always love his wife just as he does. Chacha and Chachi add their blessings to the couple’s happiness. Yug, Vikrant, and Rv’s Bhabhi warmly welcome Poorvi into the Malhotra Clan. Nupur exclaims that they make the perfect match, while Diya becomes emotional after seeing her dear friend find love in Poorvi. As a mark of respect, they all touch Manpreet’s feet for his blessings on the new journey ahead for RV and Poorvi. With tears in his eyes, Manpreet showers them with his heartfelt blessings.

Prachi asks them to be happy, love each other, and be together. The bidaai ritual involves Poorvi hugging everyone and asking RV to care for her daughter. RV says you can come there at any time. Dadu says Poorvi has two homes. Harman promises to love and care for her. Poorvi leaves with RV.

As RV and Poorvi arrive, Dadi asks them to wait at the door. Harleen asks Damini to bring the Kalash. Damini keeps the kalash. The servant gives Harleen the aarti plate. Harleen does the aarti. Damini looks angry.


Poorvi tells RV Khushi di is missing and asks if we can go home. Khushi sees the kidnapper’s face and gets shocked. RV smiles.

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