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Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, Akshay tells Inspector that he has wrong information and that he has proof that Ranbir had failed the brakes and not Mihika. Akshay says you know that Ranbir cannot do this. Mihika says we both know well and tells Inspector that he can’t. Manpreet and Ashok tell Inspector that Ranbir is being framed.

Akshay tells Inspector that Ranbir went out early from the house on the pretext of meeting and said he hated Prachi because she married me. He says in fact he doesn’t like his daughter as she loves me more. He asks Inspector to ask Bua ji. Vishaka says neither Ranbir nor Mihika can do this.

Akshay tells Mihika that whoever has done this will go to jail and asks her to understand this, but she says Ranbir hasn’t done this. Akshay gets silent. Akshay goes with Inspector. Manpreet says Pallavi will get angry again. Mihika asks her to think about her. Ashok experiences chest pains. Vishaka becomes concerned.

A nurse asks Ranbir to leave. Ranbir says he isn’t disturbing Prachi, and he isn’t touching even the machines. He asks her to let him sit there. When Ranbir asks Khushi if she’s fine, she says yes, and asks him to leave. As Ranbir steps out, he sees Akshay and a Police Inspector standing. The Inspector informs Ranbir that he has been arrested for killing Prachi Tandon.

Manpreet claims that Ranbir is unable to do this task. Upon being approached by the inspector, Ranbir expresses his willingness to accompany him for questioning. He requests to see and speak with Prachi beforehand. Akshay urges the inspector to take him along as well. Before leaving, Ranbir asks Manpreet to bring Khushi home, wanting to shield her from seeing Prachi in her weakened state. As he is escorted away, a drowsy Prachi hears him speaking. Akshay announces that it’s time to make their relationship official amidst love and war, overheard by a nurse. Meanwhile, Manpreet takes Khushi out of the hospital and Akshay requests for her custody.

He is instructed by Manpreet to move away from her way. Akshay tells her to trust him. Manpreet tells him to move away from her way and says Ranbir has given Khushi’s responsibilities to me. As soon as Prachi hears this, she gets up and asks Nurse about Ranbir. Nurse tells her everything. Prachi is stunned. Inspector leaves him after Ranbir tells him he’s innocent.

Inspector says he won’t leave him and says he feels that he has tried to kill Prachi. Ranbir says you did the same mistake last time and apologized to me. The Inspector asks Constable to lock him up and tells him he must follow the law, regardless of his feelings. Prachi asks the Driver to give his phone.

Ashok and Mihika are standing on the road when she gets off the taxi, and she thinks she doesn’t remember Akshay’s number. Ashok asks Prachi if she is okay? She replies, “Ranbir saved us both and I will get him out of the lock up.” Ashok says they will take her taxi to the police station. Mihika wonders why she came into her life in the first place.

Upon seeing Prachi, Ranbir hopes she will be fine. Prachi comes there and calls him. Ranbir asks Prachi are you okay? Prachi says no, and tells him that you are here, so how can I be fine? Ranbir says you should rest, and asks why did you come here? Prachi says you are scolding me. Ashok comes there and tells Akshay that Prachi said you saved her. Mihika says Akshay was unaware that you saved her.

Prachi stumbles, and he asks her to be careful. She tells Inspector that Ranbir saved her and their daughter, and that he is innocent. She asks Inspector to leave him. Inspector refuses. Ranbir says she is saying I saved her. Inspector says he cannot free him until Akshay brings back the complaint. Prachi says Akshay will come to her. Since he has filed the case, Ranbir says no use.

Ashok calls Akshay and asks him to come home. Ashok and Mihika leave from there. Prachi cries. Ranbir asks her about Khushi. Prachi says Manpreet has taken her home. Ranbir says I had asked her to take Khushi home. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks her not to be sorry. Akshay returns home. Ashok confronts him and asks why got Ranbir arrested? He says he thought you were protecting Mihika, so took Ranbir’s name.

He is arrested, Akshay says. Mihika gets angry with Akshay. Vishaka says everything will be fine, but Prachi arrives and says everything will be fine, once Akshay returns the complaint. She asks Akshay to return the complaint. Akshay says Ranbir did this? Prachi says Ranbir saved my life. She says Ranbir risked his life and saved me and my daughter. She says you blame me for saving us. Akshay says he is planning on becoming a hero in your eyes.

Prachi asks him if he is taking back the complaint. Akshay says he is playing with your feelings. Prachi asks him if he will take back the complaint or not? Akshay says no. Prachi says okay, I’ll hire a good lawyer and get him out. She says you have an issue with Ranbir, I won’t speak to you again. You want to upset Ranbir, who saved me and my daughter, because he is innocent.

For the last time, she asks him. Prachi is about to leave. Akshay says OK, I’ll take back the complaint, not because he hasn’t done anything, as I know he has, but simply because you are asking.

As Akshay enters the police station, he immediately approaches Ranbir to share his belief that Ranbir is responsible for all the recent troubles. Ranbir responds by acknowledging that Akshay had him arrested in an attempt to keep him away from Prachi. However, Akshay then turns to the inspector, retracting his complaint and revealing that his wife informed him of Ranbir’s innocence. He urges the inspector to release Ranbir but continue with their investigation. Meanwhile, Ranbir questions Abhay about Akshay’s sudden change of heart. Abhay explains that Prachi convinced Akshay to drop the case against Ranbir. The inspector instructs them to take Ranbir into custody, but they choose to leave instead. As they do so, Ranbir notices someone familiar and is taken aback.

Ashok is informed about Akshay’s misbehavior by Manpreet. When Akshay returns home, he asks where Prachi is. Manpreet says she has gone to PS because she wasn’t sure if you would change your mind. Mihika runs and hugs him as Prachi and Ranbir arrive. Everyone watches as Prachi leaves the room, but Ranbir holds her hand.


Ashok overhears Akshay and Mihika discussing how they will get Prachi and Ranbir. They watch Ranbir closely. Ashok tells Manpreet that Doctor said Akshay and Mihika will act like they used to act seven years ago.

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