Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Surekha inquires if Isha had met Ishan. He confirms that she did, explaining that she had unintentionally run into him while accompanying her students. Rao Saheb remarks that he was aware Ishan would not engage with her. Ishan clarifies that despite Isha’s attempt to check on his well-being, he firmly refused to acknowledge her. Surekha applauds his decision, adding that it was for this reason she had reservations about sending him there but ultimately let him go as it was a significant event for him. Shantanu inquires if Isha had also asked about him.

Rao Saheb questions if he wants her to discuss him. Ishan asserts that he didn’t identify her at all because if he had, she would have undoubtedly inquired about Shantanu and his family. Rao Saheb expresses his disdain for Isha, saying her mere mention makes him lose his appetite. Surekha shares the news of Isha’s parents’ passing and how it has caused turmoil in her household, concluding that now she must find solace in other people’s children.

Nishikanth suggests that Shantanu should reconcile with Isha and bring her back home. Ishan advises that if Shantanu plans on doing so, he should inform him beforehand to allow him time to find a new living arrangement; he is not willing to have that woman back in his life. Rao Saheb agrees that he also does not want that woman in his house. Surekha reassures everyone that Shantanu would never make such a decision. Shantanu explains that although Isha may be upset now, she will never compromise her self-respect; her emotions were heightened by seeing their son today, but she would normally not speak to any of us. Ishan then leaves. Later, Isha writes a note expressing her love for their son and hopes for a day when their misunderstandings are resolved and they can reunite as a family.

Bhavani weeps over Virat’s photo and expresses regret for punishing Savi today. She believes that Sai never appreciated the importance of family and preferred to be alone, but she promises to ensure that Savi has a loving family and is willing to do anything for her better future. However, Savi feels that Bhavani will never understand her. She recalls how she fixed a broken house model and now fixes her trophy as well. Determined not to give up, she resolves to continue her studies. Ashwini then asks Savi to bring breakfast for Ninad, while Harini notices that all the snacks from the kitchen are missing. Similarly, Ninad discovers that his newspapers are gone and Bhavani cannot find her glasses either. In an effort to rectify the situation from yesterday’s events, Bhavani plans to apologize to the boy’s family and invites them back to see Savi once again.

Ishan walks out of the house while Shantanu is gardening. Ishan stops him and asks him if he is going trekking. Ishan says he knows already, so why does he ask? Ishan feels sad. He notices Riva standing behind and becomes even sadder. Ishan runs during the trek and takes a difficult route. Ishan ignores his college student who tells him he shouldn’t take that risky route.

As Riva accompanies him, she attempts to lift his spirits. Meanwhile, Bhavani enters Savi’s room and observes that several items are missing. Puzzled, she wonders how Savi managed to leave the room, which she had locked, and notices a bent window rod. Upon seeing Bhavani searching for her glasses, Savi inquires if that is what she is looking for. Disgruntled, Bhavani compares Savi to her disobedient mother and notes that she takes after her father who always obeyed her unconditionally. Returning Savi’s glasses and walking stick, Savi tries to lighten the mood. However, as Bhavani walks away, she mentions that she will be meeting the boy’s family tomorrow and invite them over.


Bhavani introduces Savi to boy’s family. Boy’s mother asks her to walk, smile, sing. Savi says she knows to dance and dances to Chikni Chameli. Everyone is surprised.


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