Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi’s Play Reveals Family Secrets


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi’s play is still going on when Surekha, in character as Kaaki, heads backstage to stop it. Reeva, playing the role of Surekha, refuses to let Shiva/Ishan leave with Savi/Isha. She expresses concern that Savi is trying to separate Shiva from his family. However, Savi reassures Reeva that Shiva will receive love from his parents and grandparents. Reeva argues that although the grandparents’ home may be a nice vacation spot, it’s not suitable for Shiva to live permanently and receive a good education. Savi counters that a mother is a child’s first teacher and will ensure her son gets the best education possible. Isha turns to Shantanu and questions how Savi knows so much about her story. Shantanu explains that Savi wanted to pay tribute to her and didn’t anticipate that she would incorporate it into the play in such detail.

Yashwant urgently requests Nishi to intervene and prevent Surekha from causing further commotion, reminding her that the family’s private matters should not be displayed. Acting swiftly, Nishi approaches Surekha and urges her to end the drama. In response, Surekha insists that they must stop immediately. Nishi reminds her that Savi has cleverly changed the characters’ names to avoid controversy with the media and important guests. Realizing the implications, Surekha agrees and retreats to her seat. Nonetheless, tension remains high as Reeva confronts Savi with a difficult decision- choosing between her parents or her son. Feeling helpless, Savi turns to Prashant for support, only to be disappointed when he refuses to offer guidance.

A light focuses on Savi’s parents on one side while her son is on the other. She describes her painful ordeal to the audience and asks them whether she should choose the one who gave her birth or the one to whom she gave birth. Isha and Ishan wept as they told their story. A lady in the audience says she should choose her parents. A man says she should choose her son.

Ishan says she should have filed for custody of her son. Savi thinks she can’t drag her son into painful court proceedings and destroy his sensitive mind. She says a mother is still waiting to receive her son’s love. Play ends. Everyone applauds them. She tells Ishan to wait until she clears the stage before announcing the winner and awarding the trophy; she then gives the list of winners.

As the team gathers backstage, Reeva excitedly shares how well the audience received the play and confidently predicts their victory. Meanwhile, Isha approaches Savi and pulls her aside to express her frustration. She scolds Savi for revealing personal details about herself and Ishan, fearing it would cause her son pain. Savi’s microphone is unknowingly on, and everyone overhears their conversation. Savi defends herself, explaining that she wants to showcase the depth of Isha’s love for her son. Ishan agrees, acknowledging that it will have a profound impact on him. Reeva then realizes that Savi portrayed Isha and acted as Surekha. Savi explains that she wanted to strengthen the bond between Isha and Ishan through this performance. Overcome with emotion, Ishan is moved by seeing his and his mother’s story come to life on stage.


The reporters ask Ishan if he will clear up his differences with Isha after learning from Savi that Surekha causes the differences between him and his mother. Ishan gets angry with Savi. Surekha acts as collapsing. Isha tells Savi that she shouldn’t have taken her and Ishan’s issue into public, but now Ishan won’t forgive her. Savi tells Ishan that whatever she did wasn’t only for Isha but also for him. He pushes her away angrily.

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