Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Vandana Face a Threat at the Wedding

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode kicks off with Kunal’s entrance after changing into different attire. He searches for Vandana while the girls catch glimpses of him and are taken by his charm. Kunal wonders if Vandana has dressed up and eagerly looks for her. Finally, Vandana appears, and Kunal’s face lights up with a smile. They exchange compliments before Vandana takes the stage to dance to Nagada sang dhol baje… Kunal can’t help but smile at her graceful moves. As they exchange garlands, they also perform the ritual of warding off evil spirits. Amidst all the celebration, Sejal’s boyfriend suddenly appears and kidnaps her. Sejal watches joyfully, seeing everyone dancing until the guy takes her away. Kunal spots them and promptly rushes towards them to intervene.

Sejal tells Jagan that things are officially over and that she regrets not trusting him. He didn’t properly appreciate her and ended up betraying her. He can’t handle it now that she’s ready to move on. Jagan says he’ll leave and threatens to show Sejal’s future husband their picture. She reminds him she won’t be blackmailed as she has already disclosed their relationship to Paresh. This infuriates Jagan, and he raises his hand to hit her. Thankfully, Kunal intervenes and reminds Jagan that Sejal is no longer a part of his life and that Paresh knows everything about him now. Paresh appears and declares that he will marry Sejal despite knowing the truth about Jagan. Kunal scolds Jagan for his behavior, while Vandana joins in and physically attacks him for misdeeds.

Jagan sees the gun fall there. He says I’ll see you. Paresh thanks Kunal and Vandana. He says this was your reason for coming. Sejal thanks them, as well. Vandana says no one can separate you, so keep love and faith, don’t get angry or jump to conclusions, and sit down and talk. Paresh tells Sejal not to worry. They hug. They leave.

Vandana’s smile grows wider as Kunal recalls his words to her. He takes a deep breath and sincerely apologizes for all he has put her through. Grateful for everything she has done, he expresses his regret for insulting her and causing her to lose her home, job, and connection with Tara. As he enumerates his mistakes, she forgives him, admitting that she should have informed him about Bobby and Mrunal. In this moment, their eyes meet and they share a meaningful exchange. Suddenly, the lady interrupts them with a playful joke before inviting them to witness a wedding together. The melodious tune of Hairate Aashiqui only adds to the atmosphere as they clasp hands and head towards the ceremony. However, Vijay’s ominous statement cannot be ignored, causing Atya to dispel negative thoughts.

Kunal and Vandana see the marriage rituals. The lady asks them to tie the gathbandhan. They do. Jagan comes and takes the gun. He says he will make the marriage unlucky.


He shoots at Paresh. Kunal saves Paresh and is shot in the leg. Vandana promises Kunal that they will always stay together. Kunal makes her wear the mangalsutra.

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