Mangal Lakshmi 15th April 2024: Jiya Faces Kusum’s Challenge and Engagement Drama

Mangal Lakshmi

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It’s Karthik. He’s the one filming their video. Mangal invites him inside. Jiya’s mom asks Kusum if she wants some tea and offers to make aloo paratha and masala tea. Jiya suggests asking the cook to make it, but Kusum prefers Jiya’s homemade parathas. Jiya jokes that Kusum can’t handle her cooking, to which her mom adds that she has never cooked before. Jiya laughs and points out that even their uncle can’t cook. Kusum compliments Jiya’s cooking skills and says that any girl should be able to cook for someone they love. She then asked what dish Jiya planned to serve him.

According to Jiya’s mom, the cook can handle their cooking duties. It’s a relief, considering Jiya’s busy schedule. I don’t want her to feel overwhelmed with all those tasks. After all, she is incredibly talented and has achieved global recognition and financial success. So, why should she have to worry about cooking at home? Kusum points out that if that’s the case, why even bother getting married? She advises Jiya to focus on her work and happiness instead. However, Jiya’s mom questions why Karthik wants to get married if he, too, will end up making parathas at home. This makes Kusum angry as she reminds everyone that there are certain expectations for a daughter-in-law in their household. They need someone suitable for their family, not just a dancer who performs in Delhi one day and the USA the next. This revelation shocks Jiya.

Lakshmi asks why you peeked inside. Karthik says I was shocked, and I’ll never forget. He shows a video of them dancing. Mangal says to delete it. He says I won’t. He says I came to tell you that I got what I wanted. I was so happy. I have a great news to share. Mangal asks what it is. He says first, make me coffee.

Kusum says that the daughter-in-law should oversee the kitchen regardless of how many servants we have. Who will handle all this? My sister? If you don’t want your daughter to do these tasks, why marry her into a traditional household? You should find someone modern like her. I understand how girls are these days. We like Jiya but are concerned she might not adjust to our home. Her dress, thoughts, and lifestyle are very different from ours. She will need to change her clothing, how she speaks, and work at home, like our Mangal. She can never sit in front of me like this. This is why girls these days leave their mothers-in-law within a year; they don’t want to compromise. Jiya must adapt to our household rules, or it’s better not to marry her into our family.

Thank you so much, Kusum ji. I didn’t know you were a well-wisher of ours. You seem to be here to threaten us. Jiya says I respect you because you came without informing us. Then you taught me how to dress or behave. If you have so many problems, please don’t attend our wedding. I won’t be your daughter-in-law.

Kusum greets the girl, cautioning her to watch her words. She clarifies that Karthik is her son but adds that she is not “your” Mangal – implying that no one will control her. She points out that while you may have conditioned your daughter-in-law to handle the kitchen and dominate their household, she is not like her. Kusum politely reminds the girl to stay within her boundaries while her mother advises her to calm down. Jiya accuses Kusum of pridefully meddling in her son and daughter-in-law’s life, to which Kusum repeats the earlier warning about language. In response, Jiya suggests she will now control what Karthik eats and decide for himself. And with a hint of jealousy detected in Kusum’s dislike for herself, she requests: if you don’t like me so much, feel free to leave my house.

She asks Karthik to erase the video. He says that won’t happen. Lakshmi tries to take the phone and falls on Karthik. Kusum says, “I’m glad I came here and saw you for real.” She throws water in Jiya’s face and says, “I pay all my debts.” She leaves. Jiya says she’s so disgusting. Her mom says she was provoking you. You said too much, so don’t worry; we’ll answer. Their lives will be repaid for this.

Kusum calls Gayatri and says your to-be daughter-in-law is so impolite. They won’t even consider this issue. I’m coming from their neighborhood. Gayatri asks, “Why?” Kusum says to teach them their place. Jiya and her mom come to Gayatri. Gayatri tells Kusum. Kusum says they will end this soon. Gayatri welcomes them. Jiya’s mom says we’re sorry we didn’t tell you, but it’s essential.

As Mangal enters the room, she asks Karthik what happened. He says nothing. Mangal asks what were you going to say? He says my life. Karthik gets a call. He is shocked. He says maa I am coming. He rushes home. Mangal and Lakshmi wonder what it is.

Shanti does all the chores. She is tired. She asks Lipika to do the dishes. She said I won’t do the dishes, and I did the cleaning. It would be best if you had kept Lakshmi nice. If you were so bothersome, she would have run. Now we have to do everything ourselves. She shouldn’t get married. We can’t afford a servant. Shanti says shut up.

Lakshmi and Shanti, please see Akshar’s report card. When Gayatri returns home, she asks where Kusum is. She goes to her room. Mangal and Lakshmi wonder what’s going on. Gayatri tells Kusum, “It’s your fault.” I should have asked why you had to go to Jiya’s place. It would be best if you found out how much trouble I am in. Kusum says I went to help you. You want this. Jiya and her mother called off the engagement themselves. Karthik is more stuck, she says.

Kusum suggests that we handle situations where Karthik is feeling upset. However, Gayatri advises you to stay away from the matter. Do you even realize what you did? Your actions caused them to become angry, and they are brilliant. As a result, they went home and expressed their sorrow in front of Karthik. They then informed us that the engagement must take place today. Kusum expresses surprise and asks why. Gayatri explains that today is the day for Karthik and Jiya’s engagement. They pleaded with him a lot, but he had no choice but to agree. Kusum believes they are cunning, and Gayatri says they pressured Karthik to agree. In hindsight, Kusum feels that you should have declined their request.

Gayatri mentioned that she would have shared everything you said there with Karthik. The dilemma lies in choosing between my son’s safety and your reputation. It is worth noting that he sees you as his mother. Fortunately, Karthik was not made aware of this situation. However, I must ask, why would you threaten them? We had a whole month to strategize, but unfortunately, we missed our opportunity. Today marks the day of Karthik’s engagement to her. Through tears, she expresses her disappointment and asks what have you done? Kusum explains that she did all of this for the sake of both you and Karthik, which ultimately backfired on her. She believed he was her son and was proven right about him. But now, you have taken that privilege away from her without even realizing it. You always tried to please Karthik by saying yes to anything he wanted, but this could have been avoided if you had refused. Yet, we find ourselves in this situation due to your agreement to the engagement.

Is it my fault? Gayatri asks. Kusum says no, it’s my fault that I won’t repeat it. I will stay away from you and Karthik. Stay happy. Don’t taunt me, Gayatri says. You shoved me into the swamp. It would be best if you stayed away from me and my family. Kusum cries. Gayatri leaves. Mangal and Lakshmi see her leave. They need clarification.

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