Mangal Lakshmi 2nd March 2024 Written Episode: Adit’s Apology and Kusum’s Plan for Lakshmi’s Proposal

Mangal Lakshmi

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Today, Adit says, no one needs a cultural girl. The guys want a partner who can walk with them, go to parties, be socially active, and know the world—someone who can converse with the world, having seen the world. What else would you discuss with your partner? Just food and the kitchen. Guys these days want a wife and not a maid. Mangal is shocked.

Kusum exclaimed, “Stop it! What nonsense are you spouting? Are you even thinking straight? Was your mother a servant?” He defended, “That was a different time.” She countered, “So nowadays, men don’t contribute at home? Their children don’t attend school? Their homes are not kept clean. They party after work, flaunting their wives to colleagues. Are you ashamed that Mangal manages your household? She never had the luxury of doing all that. She couldn’t wander around taking fancy photos. Who would take care of us, send the kids to school, and send you to work if she did?”

Adit says you won’t understand Amma. This Mangal prick you added to my life, how I breathe around her. Everyone is shocked. He says her name is outdated, too; what can I expect? Kusum says what are you saying, Adit. After 15 years, you suddenly think she suffocates you? I’ve been suffocating for 15 years. Don’t question my choice, Kusum says. I am your mom and know the right and wrong things for you. You can’t find a girl like her.

Is there anything in this house that you don’t like? You can’t see what I’m complaining about. I used to have so many parties with my friends before, but no one came today. Has Mangal even stopped you? He says I stopped myself. She has no manners. She has seen nothing, no office, no parties. I will become a joke. Kusum says it’s all in your mind. Everyone appreciates Mangal.

The people around me tell me she is cultural. Be happy. He says I made a mistake. I will remain silent. However, I cannot find Lakshmi’s proposal. Kusum says, “Don’t let a second sister ruin another man’s life.” I will help Mangal find Lakshmi, a guy the world will enjoy. You’ll see. He leaves in anger. Kusum says Adit is so wrong. She wipes Mangal’s tears and says, “Get rid of the glass.” She stands in shock.

It’s time for Lakshmi to serve the food. Lipika says khichdi again? Does Shanti say you hid the chickpeas for yourself? Lakshmi says you asked me to make khichdi. She says you bring chickpeas for me, and I will eat the khichdi. Lipika says I need 500 for the dress. Shanti asks where we will buy Mangal’s gift. Lakshmi will insult us again. Lakshmi says we can get a sofa for her new place. I’m trying to arrange money. Shanti says she’s not your real sister. Lakshmi says I can give my life for her smile.

Kusum comes over and says it might hurt someone. I know Adit hurt you a lot. She says your hand is bleeding. See.. Mangal picks up the glass pieces. Kusum says don’t cry. I told you to be strong. I told you don’t cry. She takes off her coat. Kusum says don’t cry. I will speak with Adit and make him understand. He said all that in anger. He’s not too wrong.

It would be best to change yourself according to what your husband likes and what makes him happy. It wasn’t because he was my son that I said this, but it was better for you to do so. You fixed Lakshmi’s proposal without telling him. She says I tried to speak. Kusum says to forget it all. All couples fight. We’re just family. Don’t cry in front of your kids. She says to make haldi milk for me after you’re done. Don’t overthink it.

Lakshmi calls Mangal. She says Lakshmi will see from my eyes that I have cried. Lakshmi wonders why she isn’t picking up the call. Mangal thinks about everything and cries. She texts Lakshmi she is having coffee with Adit and will call tomorrow. Lakshmi replies you enjoyed the coffee with him. I was afraid he would be mad at you. Thank God everything is fine. Mangal gets teary. Mangal replies everything is fine. Lakshmi says the day feels incomplete without her presence.

She leaves the water bottle on the table. Mangal sees Adit’s phone and picks it up so it won’t fall. Adit wakes up and snags the phone. She apologizes for charging it, but he ignores her.

Mangal performs the arti the following day and wonders why she cannot make Adit happy. She questions her actions and regrets hurting him. Despite her efforts, she is unsure of where she went wrong. Suddenly, Adit interrupts by shouting if he will receive his coffee. Reacting quickly, Mangal hurries to bring him the coffee in their room. As she hands it to him, she remembers his words and asks how she can bring happiness to their relationship. She expresses her desire to be worthy of him, but Adit reassures her not to worry too much. He admits that he was upset the previous night, and everything is now alright. He then asks for his towel, and Mangal responds with an “okay”.

Mangal prepares Kusum’s outfit and compliments her on her excellent tea-making skills. Reflecting on Adit’s words about seeking a partner rather than a maid, Mangal regrets assuming Sachin was a suitable match. Kusum asks for Lakshmi’s horoscope, eager to find a suitable husband. Mangal admits to making a mistake and promises to help Kusum find a good match, recalling how she successfully found Kusum for Adit, who is handsome and talented. She reassures Kusum that she will find a good proposal, just as she did with Adit.

Ishana says to take the cab. She says your dad earns money, and we shouldn’t waste money. Mangal looks at Adit’s chair. He doesn’t come downstairs. Kusum asks Ishana to book an auto for her. She says her dad is earning, so we shouldn’t waste money. Adit says I can drop you off. Adit says I can drop you off, amma. She says no, I’ll go from the auto. You’re too busy. Adit meets the kids. He asks the kids to get their bags. Adit says amma, “I can drop off you.” She says no, but she doesn’t. I’ll go myself.

Adit reaches for her hand and apologizes for his actions the previous day. He asks if she is upset with him and expresses his need to go to work, but only if they can talk first. Yesterday was a difficult day, and many things were upsetting. He sincerely asks for forgiveness and reminds her to let go of past mistakes. She firmly states her disappointment in his behaviour and requests that he never repeats it. Adit reassures her that he will find a suitable partner for Lakshmi, acknowledging her knack for making good choices. Kusum interjects, instructing Mangal to prepare breakfast for him. Adit notices Mangal’s expression and immediately apologizes, realizing he should have treated her with more respect. He admits feeling ashamed and explains how the stress from work caused him to lash out at those closest to him. He sincerely asks for Mangal’s forgiveness, which brings joy to her face.

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