Mangal Lakshmi 11th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Nitin’s Threats and Adit’s Heroic Stand

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 11th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

In response to Mangal’s comments, Nitin says he would have enjoyed seeing Laxmi after her Roka was broken and mocks her. Upon hearing that Laxmi is not weak, Mangal questions why Nitin’s mother supports his wrongdoings. Nitin declares his desire to marry Laxmi. Mangal firmly denies Nitin’s marriage request to Laxmi.

Nitin warns Mangal that if he doesn’t marry Laxmi or stop her from marrying anyone else, he’ll marry her. This leads Mangal to confront his mother, who believes they’ve hurt Nitin’s pride. Mangal threatens Nitin, saying he will ruin Laxmi’s reputation. Mangal threatens to file a police complaint against him. Nitin threatens to post edited pictures of Laxmi online unless Mangal apologizes. Mangal reluctantly agrees, remembering her promise to her mother. Nitin demands her to apologize. Nitin demands they both bow, but Mangal forces him to drop his phone. Adit scolds Nitin and fights him.

Mangal takes Nitin’s phone, and Adit warns them of legal consequences. Nitin threatens Adit’s job, but Adit remains firm. Nitin and his mother claim influence over the police, but Adit reveals he recorded their confession. According to Nitin’s mother, he should follow Adit’s instructions, and Adit ensures Nitin deletes all videos of Laxmi. He warns him to stay away from Laxmi and then leaves with Mangal.

Mangal expresses gratitude to Adit, who inquires about her decision to visit Nitin’s house rather than go to the cybercrime department. Despite unfamiliar with the department, Mangal is grateful for Adit’s assistance. He reminds her that he cannot always be by her side. She pleads with him not to make such remarks. In response, Adit advises her to stay vigilant and informed because she cannot just be a typical mother but also prepare her children for the world’s challenges. Just then, Laxmi arrives and embraces Mangal, expressing concern for her well-being. Adit scolds Laxmi for putting Mangal in a problematic situation.


Kusum tells Gayatri she wants Karthik to marry Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Mangal not to search for more matches for her marriage.

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