Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2024 Written Update: Abhira’s Sacrifice Revealed

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 22nd February 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Abhira receiving a balloon containing Yuvraj’s message. After spotting Armaan, everyone takes turns taking care of Vidya. Manoj offers to contact Armaan if she doesn’t eat, but Vidya declines, noting that he has been by her side the entire time. She insists on not disturbing him, praising him for being an exceptional son who has become integral to the family and her life. Despite not knowing anyone when he first arrived in the house, he now lovingly calls her the best mum, and she feels blessed to be the mother of such a wonderful son.

Ruhi thinks of him. Kiara says he’s the best. Ruhi thinks he’ll love me. Abhira thinks of telling Armaan. He hugs her and says he’s scared. She asks why. He says I can’t see my mum, I can’t lose Vidya, and Abhira thinks that means Vidya isn’t Armaan’s real mother. I was young when my dad brought me here, I knew only him, no one else, no one wanted to accept me.

Abhira and Armaan are both overcome with emotion. As they reflect on their past, Armaan remembers a specific memory from his first night in this house – one filled with rain and fear, as his mother was not there to comfort him. However, Vidya’s act of kindness changed everything for him. Despite not being his biological mother, she hugged him and sang him a lullaby, showing that she had a big heart. At that moment, he no longer felt scared. But now, the thought of losing her terrifies him. And today, when you helped Vidya face her fears, it meant the world to me. Your actions have genuinely saved my life, and I cannot thank you enough. It was a huge favor that will never be forgotten. These overwhelming emotions cause tears to fall on Armaan’s face once again.

Without you around, the song starts playing, and Ruhi observes from a distance. Abhira informs her that he needs to speak with the person playing the music. Ruhi mentions that she couldn’t find Vidya’s medication and suggests they both look together. Armaan heads off and returns, saying that he has found the medicine. But Ruhi insists that it wasn’t there before. Abhira questions her about why she would lie to them. Manisha arrives with Vidya and asks Ruhi to follow her. While Abhira begins to doubt whether Ruhi is telling the truth, he checks the medicine and intercepts Vidya from taking it. He then notifies Armaan about his mistake in giving expired medication and thanks Ruhi for staying by Vidya’s side while he makes an exchange.

Abhira wonders if Yuvraj is responsible for this. Armaan suggests checking the expiration date of the medicines at this time. Shortly after, Abhira receives a call from Yuvraj. He smoothly talks and offers to buy her clothes of her choice. But then he inquires whether she fed Vidya expired medicines, praising her for being clever and saying he could switch out the medicine without being caught. Abhira tries to explain, but he interrupts and accuses her of causing harm to another mother figure in her life. He warns that she cannot escape the consequences and challenges her to tell everyone about him or join him at the airport so they can elope to Dubai and get married. Frightened, Abhira is left with a difficult decision.

Armaan asks Abhira to say. Abhira gets scared. She says nothing. I have to make DDs to pay college fees. The man says stop it Abhira, I won’t believe you, I know you well, you’ll get caught lying, you must tell me the truth. The two argue. Dadi calls him out. Abhira asks him to leave. He says, “I’m there if you want me to know about that masked man, so I won’t keep it secret.”. He leaves.

In tears, Abhira thinks about Armaan and says, “I don’t know what this relationship is called; it’s just respect, friendship, and fights. I will miss it a lot.” She gets Yuvraj’s call. She says I have decided, and I’m ready to marry you. He smiles and dances. He thinks we’ll get married in Dubai. She says I have a condition, and you can’t see Armaan and his family again. He says I forgot him, so I’ll do as you ask. She says I want their safety. He thinks I’ll come to the airport tomorrow.

Abhira serves Armaan the food as she recalls family moments. She wonders how to break these bonds and leave, I said yes to Yuvraj, they’ll worry if I disappear suddenly, Armaan will come to find me, I won’t let him fall into trouble if I do. She puts the dal over her hand. Armaan and Ruhi worry. He says your hand got burned. Dadi scolds Abhira. She tells her to take care. Abhira says I’m sorry. She leaves.


Ruhi says Abhira is making a great sacrifice to save Vidya. Abhira prays. Armaan says something is wrong; Abhira can’t leave the house like this. Ruhi worries.

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