Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai for 15th April 2023 on

At the start of the episode, Aarohi mentions that Roohi had Abhir’s toy and she had come to return it; sharing that Akshara used to do the same when they were young. Worried about any conflict between their children, Akshara agreed with her statement that everyone should stay in their own place, regardless of age. Manish stated no one can change fate while Roohi expressed that her mum hadn’t arrived yet. Abhimanyu comforted her and taught her how to play chess, mistakenly referring to her as Abhir. Roohi corrected him before he apologised for his mistake. Finally, Aarohi saw this exchange between them.

In the morning, Rohan looked in on Abhir before Abhimanyu arrived. When he asked when the doctor would be coming, Abhinav replied that he would be there soon. In a hurry to meet him, Abhimanyu ran out of the hospital. Aarohi then asked if he could take Roohi to her exam since their driver had not arrived and she often had motion sickness when taking the bus. Knowing that he couldn’t stay long to be with Abhir due to Roohi’s important commitment, Aarohi quickly apologized for having to ask him such a thing. She reassured both him and Akshara that Abhimanyu would not miss out on seeing Abhir.

Muskaan says you have heard Suvarna and my talks, don’t leave the house, Surekha says. Muskaan replies, but I should go. Kairav is watching. Surekha says you should stay back. Muskaan informs everyone, “My cab has arrived, I should leave now.” Surekha tries to convince her to stay, saying that everyone loves her and it would break their hearts if she leaves. Muskaan agrees, saying, “Okay.” She begins to walk away, but suddenly, Kairav turns around and sees her. He tells her not to make the cab wait and suggests canceling the booking if she doesn’t have to leave. He then leaves, and Muskaan smiles at his gesture.

Abhinav says Abhir is frightened because Abhimanyu isn’t around, who Roohi loves. But school tests aren’t as important as his health. Akshara then suggests that perhaps she wanted him with her and even though it was demanding for her to select for Abhir’s surgical procedure, now that they are here, they need to believe in the doctor. Abhir lets out a yell, prompting them to dash straight away and inquire what happened. Rohan calmly replied that everything is okay but they still beg him to tell more about it. Then comes Abhimanyu says “Junior, stay tranquil, take deep breaths ” and enquires further on the issue at hand which turns out to be a BP fluctuation. After which he further adds that fluctuations of BP do occur and asks if Abhir feels better now while Aarohi watches all of this.

Abhir will not be affected by tests, junior will get fit once surgery happens. He apologizes. Abhinav says you must be on time with your patients. Abhimanyu apologizes. Abhinav scolds him. Aarohi cries and leaves. Abhimanyu says it’s my fault, I should have been with Abhir. Abhinav makes fun of Abhir. Akshara smiles. You have scolded Abhimanyu a lot, she says.

He says his love for Abhir knows no bounds and got angry, respect him, not even Kanha ji would have been spared. Going ahead, Doctor queries Aarohi about a case but she is not sure of what the right action is. He advises her to go home and take rest. Abhimanyu assures him that he won’t miss Abhir’s appointment while Akshara tells him to stop feeling guilty and graciously lets him in. She states that they are here for two reasons – he is the best doctor for Abhir and their trust in him hasn’t changed which causes him to express his gratitude.

She leaves and thinks Abhimanyu can do anything for Abhir, and for Abhinav, Abhir is everything. Abhimanyu shouldn’t know that Abhir is his son. Abhir, Abhinav and Abhir return home. Abhir says tests didn’t happen today. Akshara says his blood pressure fluctuated, and Abhimanyu says he will do tests tomorrow. Dadi says to go tomorrow. Surekha says it’s strange meeting old broken relationships. Abhinav asks why this needs to be said again when everyone has moved on.

Muskaan says someone must tell the truth, and then he falls on the stairs. Kairav worries about why Abhir’s parents’ blood samples aren’t matching. The nurse tries to call them and suggests that Abhinav provide a sample again. Aarohi reprimands her as she wonders if this fear will ever end. Akshara is concerned about trusting Abhimanyu as he has a double relationship with Abhir—both as his dad and doctor. She goes off to give medicine to Abhir while Kairav questions whether Abhir is actually Abhi’s son, leaving Muskaan surprised.

The precap:

Abhinav says yes. A machine sparks. Abhimanyu covers Abhir. Akshara scolds Abhimanyu and asks if Abhir was your son…


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