Faltu 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 27th May 2023 Written Episode on WorldofEntertainment.in.

Ayaan gets a clean chit from the court. The judge says Kanika can’t leave the city until the investigation is over. Kanika says, but our tickets are booked. He says you have to cancel the tickets. Mittals smile. Faltu hugs Ayaan. He runs to Janardhan and hugs him. Everyone hugs Ayaan. Faltu is stopped by Tanu.

She says she knew you had hidden the proof in a car when I learned about it. When Brijbhushan calls her, she rushes to meet him. She asks him about the evidence. He denies it. After showing the CCTV footage, she asks where the car is, so I can give it to the police.

Since Kanika paid me money, I can’t forget her favors. He tells her about the car. Faltu and her friends find the car. Faltu says you did your best, I promised you that I would free Ayaan. Now it’s your turn. Sid thinks I had sent Brij’s address to Faltu. He smiles.

They praise Faltu. Ayaan comes home. The family welcomes him. Savita does his aarti. Ayaan and Faltu celebrate their grahpravesh. All smile and dance with Ayaan. Savita feeds him.

Govind says we couldn’t rent the house, the owner is out of the city, he will come in a few days. Ayaan says it means we have to stay here. Faltu says we should move before the auction.

Janardhan says no, our accounts are frozen and we can’t move to a hotel. Ayesha returns home. Everyone smiles. Ayaan takes the baby and looks happy. Ayesha says welcome back, I didn’t come to stay here, but to tell you that my dad bought us a new house.

As Ayaan has returned, Kinshuk can move with me, it’s his last chance. She asks Kinshuk to move with her otherwise they will end their relationship. He calls her selfish. He says he won’t go anywhere with you, he will stay with his family.

Leaving, Ayesha says you do not have the right to take care of me and my baby. She leaves. Savita stops Faltu and says we’ll talk to her parents. Faltu says she’s your wife, Kinshuk. Savita says she ruined our happiness. Then Shanaya comes home and tells her I’m staying with Faltu for a few days.

Daima asks Ruhaan to ask Faltu why she calls Shanaya. Shanaya says Faltu is lovely, so I came here. Dadi says Ruhaan helped Faltu free Ayaan, so Savita let her stay.

Seeing Shanaya, Ayaan asks who he is. Faltu answers that he is my husband. Shanaya says wow, I’m glad to meet you. He says Ayaan, nice to meet you. She says I feel like I’m shaking hands with my brother. He says no problem.

Ruhaan will worry, Faltu says. Shanaya says he won’t worry knowing I’m with you. Savita says Ayaan will be there, you can stay in the guest room. Shanaya says no, I want to stay with Faltu. She asks Ayaan to adjust to the guest room for a few days.

The precap:

Faltu says I will deal with Ruhaan now that the house auction is over. Ruhaan buys the house.


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