Pandya Store 16th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 16th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dhara asking Raavi not to worry, nothing will happen to Shiva. Raavi asks her to save Shiva. Everyone worries. Suman says he won’t die because he’s a tiger. Krish says he will take care of him, I won’t let anything happen to him. Rishita says Prerna hasn’t responded.

Children see Prerna coming and hide from her. Dhara asks Rishita to do it, only she can do it, give love to Chutki and explain the situation. Dev said he didn’t know how Natasha would react. Suman said this day would come one day. Rishita nods. Gautam says before Shweta wakes up and fills Natasha’s heart with poison, you fill Natasha’s heart with love. Natasha says we will go to a five star hotel room. Shesh taunts her. Mittu says I’m hungry. She says I’ve been hungry since morning. They find a cake shop and go there.

There is a lady who sees the kids going alone. She says she can feed them pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. Chiku refuses. She catches him. He says leave me. Rishita says I hope that will happen. Dev says yes. Suman joins them.

I will take Shiva home, Suman says. Dev and Rishita leave. The lady insists the kids come with her. Dev and Rishita arrive there. The scooty stops. Dev checks it. He doesn’t see them. He leaves. Chiku and Shesh shout. Natasha is asked to come with the lady. The lady tries to take them. Chiku and Shesh bite her hand.

Prerna runs into the house. Shweta comes there. Prerna covers her face and acts. Mittu hits the stones at her. They run away. She tells them I will not leave you that easily. Prerna looks for them. Shweta asks if you saw the kids. Prerna says the ones who live here. Shweta looks at Prerna. Prerna hides her face. Shweta says I didn’t see them, this can’t be my house. She leaves.

The kids aren’t here. Prerna says the kids are not with Shweta and she isn’t in her senses. Dev asks where the kids are. The kids run to the cake shop. They eat the pastries. The man asks for 500 rupees. It’s okay uncle, I’m rich, but I don’t have cash, Mom gets my checks. The lady follows the kids. Chiku says Uncle wanted money, so give it to them. Natasha says you guys are so stupid, a cheque is just a piece of paper, and it is deposited in the bank to get money. Shesh says, but Shweta’s not your mother.

Natasha says, but she was my mother before. The man asks how you’re going to pay now. They say we don’t have our mum. Chiku says she taught me not to eat for free. He pays the money. Kids are sensible, he says. He checks the note and says it’s fake money. Chiku says it’s real for us, we play with it. The man wants money. Shesh jokes. They run away.

Dhara gets a call from Rishita. She asks why are you crying? Rishita says the four kids are missing, Shweta didn’t take them. Dev tells Dhara not to worry. The lady returns to the kids.

In the meantime, Raavi cries for Mittu. Dhara says Shweta doesn’t have the kids. Gautam asks where they can go. The kids run away from the lady. She comes in front of them to catch them. Dev, Rishita and Prerna search for them.


Dhara tells Shweta that I will give you a solid answer this time. Shweta says I will take you to your real mum.

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