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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 24th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Everyone comes to the resort. Shivank holds Shweta’s hand. They make plans. Everyone dances on Saud Akhara Khara…. They hug Prerna. Prerna’s parents welcome the Pandyas. Shweta watches. Shiva asks if you’re happy now. Krish smiles. Suman asks why the marriage had to be kept so far, Somnath is blessed. Mahesh wanted a big resort to hold the event. Prerna’s mother says Mahesh wanted to keep it at a hotel.

The waiter gets champagne for Mahesh. Suman asks Gautam about champagne, Krish says it’s alcohol, Shweta watches. Everyone drinks. A waiter serves them champagne. Mahesh says it’s the most expensive champagne you’ll ever have. Enjoy it. Suman drinks. Raavi says it’s not juice, but alcohol. She spits it out. According to her, you ruined her Dharm. Krish says it’s a problem.

The hens were a recent acquisition of Prerna’s father’s, and everyone was trying to catch them. Suman, feeling overwhelmed by all the activity, asked what was going on. Mahesh amusedly explained that they had bought the chickens in order to serve fresh chicken at their guests’ dinner. At this point Suman became very angry and Shivank went looking for Shweta. When he found her, he congratulated her on Dhara not coming, but Shweta countered that she knew her well – she wouldn’t accept defeat and wouldn’t leave her family alone so she would come anyway. Suman declared that the marriage was off unless something could be done about it; Shweta was left wondering what that something should be.

Shweta thinks Rishita is clever, I will take the baraat back. Shivank is talking to the mehendi artist. Suman states that they are a vegetarian family, and therefore, they will send the baraat back.

Dhara comes there disguised as a chef. Prerna’s mum says don’t break this marriage, Krish is my son. Suman asks son or Ghar Jamai, it is impossible for this marriage to work. Krish says try to understand.

Suman starts beating him and inquires how many chickens he ate in Canada. Krish swears that he only had Soya Chaap, which is vegetarian. Dhara is taken aback when a waiter hands her a fish tray prompting her to feel sick. The chef insists she cut and marinate it, and upon her refusal to do so, orders her to get lost before firing her. Prerna pleads for another chance, promising to remove everything from the menu. Mahesh enquires about the guests; Krish responds that it would not be an issue if they did not consume non-veg food as they could make the meals purely vegetarian. Gautam interrupts by stating alcohol is also vegetarian; Raavi quickly stops him.

She gets the costume of a band player and goes to change. Shweta is already in the washroom, so she hides when Prerna’s mother scolds her. Suman defends herself, prompting Krish to ask Rishita to explain what is going on. Rishita states that Suman had decided the menu for her marriage, which causes Shiva to inquire as to why there is a connection between them. Krish tries to cut him off, but Shiva insists that an explanation be given straight away. Gautam then reveals that Suman is Shiva’s Bhabhi, leading Prerna to disagree with her mother. Dhara then notices a phone ringing and Shweta quickly begins worrying. After Dhara leaves, Shweta answers it only to see the chef’s dress nearby and wonders if it was Dhara that came here for a change of clothes.

The precap:

Dhara and Shweta see each other.

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