Pandya Store 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha’s Tough Decisions

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Natasha proposing to call Isha. Chiku quickly dismisses the idea and declares his intention to leave. However, Natasha intervenes and stops him. Soon after, Isha arrives. Natasha remarks that Chiku seems to have taken a liking for Isha but warns him against pursuing a relationship with her. She reminds him of the family’s unfavourable treatment towards them and Suman in the past and advises him not to pursue this further. As Isha tries to interpret Natasha’s message, Chiku assures everyone they have no romantic feelings and abruptly takes his leave after hugging Natasha.

Isha says I didn’t expect this from Natasha, how will I cope with an insult, did I make a mistake coming back. Natasha is surprised by Jhanak. They talk about their lives. Jhanak asks Natasha to give Dhawal a chance and their love. Natasha says I love you because you speak like my Dhara Maa. Amba returns home and requests all her bahus go to Isha’s room. Jhanak tells Amba to come home and drop off Isha.

When Natasha receives an interview call, she says she will attend. She checks the file and worries. Amba comes to Isha and sees her sleeping in darkness. She switches on the lights. When Amba awakens, Isha says lights have come into her life. Did anyone tell you anything? She asks Hetal if she has called us. Amba says yes, Isha shouldn’t be sad; we’ll make new memories for you. She asks Chabeli to get in touch with Natasha.

Natasha comes. Amba says you won’t go anywhere; decorate Isha’s room, and everyone will pamper Isha. Natasha says yes, right. I know how to set the wardrobe well. Dolly asks, are you going for an interview? Why again? Natasha says she thought she would inform Amba and go. Amba asks what. Natasha discusses the interview.

Amrish and Bhaven come, and Amrish lectures her. Dhawal says Maa… Amba argues. Natasha didn’t give the interview that day, so Isha came home and spoke to Amrish, but there was no vacancy. I stand by her. Amrish hears this and asks Dhawal is this a way to talk to Maa, it’s misbehavior. Dhawal says no, he’s just explaining to her. Amrish argues with him.

Dhawal says he wants us to live peacefully; I don’t want this daily drama. Natasha messes things up, but she’s just trying to bring the family together. Isha came here because of Natasha, and I support Natasha because she stands by this family. Amrish says we don’t know Natasha’s intentions; that girl also took Natasha’s name. Dhawal says Natasha didn’t kidnap Golu, but we don’t know her intentions.

Amrish wonders if Natasha found that girl, but she took her name so that she couldn’t prove her innocence. Dhawal says yes, but it’s about trust. I trust Natasha. Natasha pinches herself and wonders when Dhawal starts believing me. Dhawal defends Natasha. He thinks she will balance work and family life, give her a job at your company, and she won’t do anything wrong.

Amrish says it will be comfortable in our company. People learn by facing challenges in other companies, so go for the interview. Pranali thinks Natasha is lucky to be married to a supportive husband like Dhawal. Natasha thanks Amrish. Amrish leaves. Natasha leaves. Dhawal holds her ear and convinces her. Pranali taunts her. Isha gets Chiku’s call. Natasha rushes to find her file as time ticks.

As Dhawal enters the room, Natasha expresses her gratitude towards him. She reassures him that she will gradually become a part of the family. However, he reminds her there is no time to waste and urges her to find a job quickly. Amrish is reminded of Dhawal’s words, and Amba enters the room. He receives a call and informs Amba that he won’t be able to make it today. He asks her to send his files home. When Amba offers him food, he declines, blaming her for the current situation where Dhawal is supporting Natasha against him.


Natasha signs the papers. Amrish sees Dhawal and Natasha planning their date. He smiles and thinks, Wow, you did my work. Natasha didn’t even know, and the Pandya store will be destroyed tomorrow.

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