Anupama 15th February 2024 Written Episode: Shruti and Anuj’s Emotional Journey

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Even though Shruti and Anuj stayed together, they didn’t win in their love, and even though they stayed apart, your love didn’t win. Despite what you are going through now, Anuj says he understands and asks her not to get upset with me or Anu. Shruti holds her hand and tells her that Anupama is lovely and anyone will love her. He asks if I am wrong because you never felt love for me.

According to Anuj, loving someone requires erasing any previous names written on the heart. However, I found it impossible to remove Anupama’s name. Shruti then asks Anuj for space, expressing her desire to be alone. He reminds her not to harm herself unintentionally, and she agrees with a nod. Apologizing, Anuj leaves while Shruti confesses her love for him and Aadhya through tears. In the background, the “Tanhayi” song plays…

As Anupama apologizes to Kinjal for troubling her, Kinjal replies, don’t be sorry. She says I’ll leave now. Kinjal asks her to wait and says someone is coming. Yashdeep arrives. Kinjal opens the door and says to go in. She says I called him here and sometimes a friend is more important. She makes coffee and leaves.

It’s okay, Anupama…Yashdeep says don’t say it, leave it. Anupama says I went for closure, but I ruined everything. Yashdeep says you didn’t do anything. Anupama feels bad for Anuj and remembers Shruti’s words, asking her to handle the catering for Anuj’s wedding.

In response to Adhik’s constant calls to me, Pakhi asks Vanraj what to do. Baa asks her to speak to him. Vanraj says he’ll talk to him. Pakhi asks about his lawyer. Vanraj tells her not to bother him and leaves. Baa scolds Pakhi for being lazy. He searches for Adhik’s phone number and thinks he deleted it, so he has to ask Pakhi for it.

When Adhik says I’m here, Sir, Vanraj says let’s talk inside. Shruti gets up and is about to fall, but Anuj holds her tightly and tells her he can’t leave her alone. Aadhya called, and he told her they were together and everything was fine. Shruti says you did right and says let’s go.

Pari hugs Anupama, telling her to stay there. Kinjal says she wants her to stay here but does not want to force her. Anupama agrees to stay until Toshu returns, recalling what he had said. Yashdeep asks Anupama if she wants to leave, and then she can leave. Anupama refuses to take leave and tells him she is a bad employee but will now focus on work. He appreciates her for facing the situation.

Then Adhik asks Baa and Babu ji about Ishani. Pakhi says she’s sleeping, being a small girl. He says he’ll meet her before leaving. He asks Vanraj what he wants to talk to her about. He says he wants to talk to her. Vanraj tells Adhik that he can meet Ishani once a month and also for her birthday and festivals. Pakhi shows him the plate with Ishani’s hand impression.

Aadhya asks why Anuj and Shruti didn’t pick up the phone. Anuj says I told you. She asks why he went to the meeting. Shruti made an excuse that the investor was going to Dubai, so he had an urgent meeting. Aadhya asks her to show him the photos. Then Anupama says we must rest, and Shruti says we’ll see it later. Aadhya says Anupama certainly did something.

Anupama tells Yashdeep that he can’t leave her, and then he tells her that everyone has grown accustomed to her masala tea. He leaves.

Aadhya looks at Shruti and asks if I can massage your head. Shruti says she has a painful head due to the roller coaster ride. Aadhya asks who went to the amusement park for the date. Shruti says it was her idea. Aadhya asks why you didn’t answer the call. Shruti says she kept it silent while we were on a date. Anuj recalls Anupama’s words. Kinjal sees Anupama feeding Pari.


Shruti asks Anuj if he will marry Anupama if Aadhya accepts her. Later, she meets Anupama and says AK. Anupama replies yours. Shruti says ours is incomplete because you completed it.

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