Anupama 18th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 18th June 2023 Written Episode on

When Anupama makes a paper plane, she remembers the encouragement she received from Hasmukh’s mother to pursue her American dreams. She thinks that last time, she gave up, but this time, no one can stop her. When Dimpy insults Toshu, he reminds Samar that he betrayed her family by marrying twice without telling them. Dimpy responds by saying that Toshu and Paakhi did the same thing when they eloped and married.

While Paakhi says their family is with them, Dimpy’s family disowned her. Dimpy says they talk about family but don’t do anything about it. She taunts Toshu again that he’s jobless and Kinjal has to do both office work, housework, and even take care of Pari. Leela taunts Dimpy that she snatched academy and destroyed it. Dimpy says she will sit at home and let Samar handle the academy.

Despite her grandson’s ability to handle anything, Leela calls Dimpy the backstabber who backstabbed Anupama after forgetting her favors and got her out of her own house by befriending Barkha. As Dimpy says, Anupama is responsible for her situation, and everyone wants to be like her, but she doesn’t want to.

Kinjal urges them to cease their bickering and blowing the situation out of proportion. Dimpy retorts that she is not a submissive daughter-in-law from the 18th century, who will endure her mother-in-law’s taunts. She further adds that Leela has become an old nag whose only skill is to mock others. This agitates Vanraj, who warns Samar to control his wife and reminds him that this house still belongs to him and his parents are still the elders of this household. He sternly states that he will not tolerate insults towards his elders, and neither will Anupama. He emphasizes that they consider their daughters-in-law as their own daughters and cautions Dimpy against behaving like a mother instead of a daughter. Dimpy then steps aside and sends a text message to someone. Leela inquires about whom she is updating about the spectacle after wreaking havoc in their home. Dimpy clarifies that it is a work-related message.

Kinjal messages Anupama if she can come home as it is urgent. Anuj messages sorry. Gurumaa messes that she will have to work a lot in 6 days, Nakul will send her a list. Anupama messages okay. Her paper plane flies and she feels happy. As she walks on the street, she finds Anuj waiting for her. Anuj apologizes, and Anupama asks if Maaya is fine at the same time.

Little Anu is sleeping after he gave her doctor’s prescribed injection. Anupama asks how she is, but she says she is upset about the recent incidents. If Maaya behaves similarly often, Anupama says he shouldn’t have come here; they can’t change what happened, and he should focus on Maaya. Anuj asks if he doesn’t get angry when things happen. Then Anupama says it doesn’t matter and he should take care of Maa.

Maaya’s responsibility was taken by Anuj in the wrong way, he attended Anupama’s coronation event and allowed Maaya to create drama, Maaya gets violent often, Little Anu is scared to see her biological mother’s condition, he is sorry for all the troubles she faced, etc. Anupama says looking at Maaya’s condition, she doesn’t need a mental asylum, but Anuj. He looks at her shocked.

According to Anupama, Maaya’s need for love and care is fulfilled by Anuj. Although Anuj may have handled the situation differently in the past, it is now irrelevant as Maaya has become reliant on him both mentally and emotionally. It would be wrong for him to withdraw his support at this time. When Anuj questions why Anupama is so invested in Maaya’s well-being, she explains that as Little Anu’s mother, she feels responsible for her happiness. Without Anuj’s presence, no medication or treatment can heal Maaya. While he may have made a decision for Little Anu’s sake or for other reasons, it is now crucial for him to stand by Maaya.

The Shahs become angry when they see Maaya’s psychotic behavior on screen. Leela says Dimpy’s adopted mother is ruining Anupama’s life. Dimpy claims Maaya is mentally ill. Leela says she should be hospitalized. Maaya should stay away from Anupama, Kinjal says. Paakhi says Maaya is acting. Dimpy says she is a doctor. She says she can teach a lesson to a liar, greedy, and conspiring women like Dimpy and Maaya. Vanraj stops her.

Leela wonders what Maaya’s next move will be. Anupama reassures Anuj that she does not hold him responsible, as difficult decisions need to be made at times. Anuj urges her to apologize to Malti Devi on his behalf and Anupama tells him not to worry about it. Expressing his desire for Anupama to soar freely once he returns to prison in 6 days, they both become emotional. As Anupama starts walking away, Anuj stops her and requests her to meet him just for a second before she leaves forever in 6 days. However, Anupama receives a call and composes herself before leaving the scene.


Anupama has only 5 days left to leave for America. Nakul requests Malti Devi to have a face-off between himself and Anupama. Malti Devi praises Anupama’s performance. Nakul makes Anupama fall down.


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