Meet 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Meet 3rd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the storeroom, Poonam brings old photo albums. Sumeet finds a picture of Shaun and considers giving it to the detective. Shlok calls Bitti to come and reveal Raunak’s true nature to Sumeet.

A big car is sent by Shagun to Shlok’s family. Poonam decides not to attend the ceremony because of her headache. She later realizes she didn’t want to see Sumeet.

Getting ready for the sangeet and mehndi ceremony, Sumeet asks Masoom where Raj is. Dadi tells Sumeet that Raj has been extremely worried about security since he learned that Shagun was in the city. Raunak hopes to keep the secret until the wedding is over. Raj does not notice the family picture that Shlok’s uncle and Sarthak brought with them. Sumeet plans to ask her friend if she has any information about Shagun.

Upon entering the venue, Shlok and Bitti disguise themselves as hairdressers and makeup artists. Raj notices them and grabs Shlok, but Bitti saves him by explaining they are there to do the bride and groom’s hair and makeup. Raj allows them to proceed. Raunak touches Sumeet’s arm and Shlok pokes him with a clip.

As Bitti flirts with Raunak, he responds. Pankhuri challenges Raj to a dance battle between the groom’s and bride’s families. Raj begins to perform, and Pankhuri joins him.

It is eventually the whole family that joins in and dances the bhangra together. Raunak’s friend finds out that Shagun is her mother-in-law and wonders if Sumeet is joking with her or if she’s actually in big trouble. Bitti drops powder on his pants and signals him to come aside. Raunak asks Bitti if she’s flirting with him, and she gives him a note and plans to reveal his true nature to Sumeet.

In response, Raunak flirts with Bitti again as Shlok sees Sumeet smile and declares that he will not let her smile disappear at any cost. Sumeet asks her friend Shruti whether she has found any information. Initially, Shruti said she would tell Sumeet in person, but later sent a text saying she would not be able to attend and Shagun had been in the UK for two days.

Sumeet becomes confused upon learning the information. It is then revealed that Shagun had tapped her phone and killed both her friend and detective brother. Meanwhile, Vani asks Raunak to perform for Sumeet, prompting him to call Shlok to come to the venue immediately. Upon Shlok’s arrival, he mocks Raunak for relying on his voice to impress Sumeet. Undeterred, Raunak goes on stage and lip-syncs while Shlok sings from behind the scenes. Sumeet enthusiastically joins in the dancing, causing Shlok to imagine himself dancing with her. During the dance, Sumeet’s bracelet falls and she bends down to retrieve it, giving Shlok a chance to hide behind the stage.


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