Pandya Store 12th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Dhara refuses to give Chiku, Shweta says I don’t want Chiku, but his love, I know you love everyone, I have become a human after being with you all, I know how important family is, and I realize I am alone. When Dhara says that I cannot give you love, Shweta says you can, you can remember me by doing this for your enemy. She goes. Krish and Prerna come to Shweta. Dhara worries.

Having been freed by your law, he says I’m going to give the papers to the lawyer. Prerna thanks Shweta. She asks them to become friends. Dhara goes to Chiku while he is sleeping. He says I have to sleep here. He turns away. Shweta says I can’t be your friend, but I can try not to hate you. Krish and Prerna leave. Shweta says there was nothing wrong between Krish and I, he’s yours. Please forgive me, don’t hate me, I just want you both to stay happy. Krish and Prerna leave.

Dhara sees Shweta in the morning and wonders what’s going on with her. She applies haldi to Dev-Rishita and Krish-Prerna. Raavi cries and asks, “Don’t think about me, when will Shiva come?” Dhara says you have to be patient, Rishita says I’m so excited. Raavi asks Shweta to call Shiva. Gautam says I will call him. Dhara says our haldi will take place as soon as Shiva agrees for marriage.

Shweta says you all always smile. Dhara says we have two choices, smile or cry, when family is together, all big problems become easy, that’s life. She wonders what Shweta wants. Shiva prepares for the meeting. Gautam asks him to come. Suman jokes and says give me a chance to apply haldi to them. Suman does so. Shweta tells Shiva that Raavi is crying a lot. Shiva says don’t tell me. She says come with me, and we’ll talk to her.

Dhara asks Raavi to start crying. Raavi cries aloud. Raavi says Shiva is coming. He also applies haldi to them. Shiva hugs Raavi and cries. Shiva asks what’s going on. Dev says I divorced Raavi and I’m marrying Rishita now. He apologizes to Raavi. Rishita is my love, but I cannot stay with you.

As Shiva argues, he asks Dhara to apply haldi to him. Dev is scolded by Shiva. Raavi acts by applying haldi to Shiva and herself. He says keep some for the bride. She says I have already applied it. Dhara says she means I have already set it aside. The kids join the haldi function and play with the haldi.

As the kids come to a stop, Chiku engages in a heated argument with Dhara and storms off. Dhara’s expression turns gloomy. Shiva then inquires about the haldi bowl to take to Arushi’s house, asking if anyone would accompany him. However, everyone comes up with excuses. Raavi offers to join but is turned down by Shiva who decides that Shweta will be his companion. Suman suggests adding someone else’s name in the haldi ritual and urges Shiva to leave. With that, Shiva and Shweta depart while Suman laughs and prays for them. Meanwhile, at school, Dhara and Chiku arrive where their teacher reprimands them for their lack of responsibility towards Chiku’s report card. Dhara defends her son’s performance stating he excels in studies but the teacher emphasizes that it is ultimately the responsibility of both the student and parents, which they have neglected.


Raavi says I will stop it, its my last chance to get his memory back. Shiva says everyone agreed for my marriage.


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