Pandya Store 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store

Raavi asks Mittu to complain to the teacher. Mittu says he will not go to school. Chiku says I called Chachi instead of Chachu. She says I’ll come with you. He says no, I’m scared of beatings. She hugs him. Chiku says get Chachu soon, Suman is ill. Raavi says don’t call again.

Krish dances with his inlaws. Krish’s phone rings. The waiter gets his phone. Krish thinks it’s a call from India. He says the wrong number. It’s Chiku calling again. Krish answers. Chiku says Krish Chachu, we’re trying our best, Suman is critical, anything can happen. Chiku says please come soon, Dadi is ill, and Mum and Dad are crying. Krish ends the call. Chiku gets sad seeing Dhara and Gautam. Shiva wakes up and asks Raavi if everything is okay. She says yes. Gautam is still sleeping.

Chiku says I called the uncles. She asks if they answered, are they coming. He says no. She asks did you tell Dadi about her. Dhara hugs Chiku. When did they become so stone-hearted that their hearts no longer melt for their real mother? She sees Gautam. Dev says that if anything happens to Suman… Rishita disagrees.

Dev says we have to go there, what will remain when mom leaves except for the store and shop? Shesh laughs. She takes her out of the room. Shesh says to open the door, I want to see your fight. Shesh says to open the door. He hugs her. Shesh breaks the window and looks on. Dev says wait, I’ll open the door. Shesh says I did this so I could enter.

You could have gotten hurt, don’t do this, I am taking you to a good place. She says, don’t get emotional, we don’t know if anyone else will come. He says they will. Mittu asks why are we going. Raavi says to settle scores. He says no one will beat me there. She hugs him. Shiva comes and asks why she packed her bags.

We are going to Somnath. He says we are in Somnath, right, you are talking about the temple. She asks if will you come with me. He says I will always be there. They say they love you and hug you. The man says Krish has to go, Suman is his mom. The lady hugs him. Krish says don’t worry Mom, I’ll come soon. She says don’t go. The man says let him go.

After Suman leaves, everything will be closed. Dhara asks Chiku if she wants Khichdi. Chiku says no. She says she will be fine. He makes her smile. Gautam asks where I am, the hospital is Chiku fine, why are we here? Dhara says you don’t know what happened to the family. They argue. Chiku says don’t fight with her, she is anxious, and Suman is sick.

Gautam asks what, I have to meet her. Chiku says wait, the doctor is there. Gautam asks why he is unconscious. She scolds him. Then kill me with poison. He says I have to meet my mom. She says no one will let you in. He says she is in this condition because of you.

During the conversation, they ask the doctor about Suman. The doctor says we are doing our best. He scolds Gautam for drinking and says I will call the doctor. Dhara says he is not feeling well. Chiku takes Gautam. The doctor warns her. She apologizes. Gautam laughs and hugs Chiku. He says she lies about me, otherwise, my brothers would not have left me.

Chiku says I’ll do my math homework if your brothers come home. Gautam says I’m going to take a bath, then we’ll meet Suman at the hospital. Dev looks at the house. Chiku says fine. He sees Dhara’s picture. He says I want to end our bitterness, but I won’t let Chiku’s upbringing affect my feelings.


He says I’m fine, take me home. Dhara says you have to die, your sons have returned. Suman asks what they mean. Dhara tears up when she sees the family.

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